Strutkon Rail

Netherlands-based rail technology company Strukton Rail has signed a maintenance contract with Utrecht’s provincial tramway agency Regiotram Utrecht.

The contract will require Strukton Rail to maintain the Utrecht sneltram infrastructure, reported Railway Gazette.

Strukton Rail has been responsible for the management, maintenance and emergency repair of the tramway infrastructure in Utrecht since last year.

Both the companies have decided on real co-production and and will focus on service quality, risk management and preventative action based on experiences from practice.

"The contract will require Strukton Rail to maintain the Utrecht sneltram infrastructure."

Strukton Rail and Regiotram Utrecht have also tightened and clarified quality criteria to ensure that both the client and the contractor have insight into the actions required under different circumstances.

The commitments are based on PAS 55 asset management requirements, which Regiotram Utrecht has adopted since December last year.

In addition, a new light rail tram line Uithof Line project is being developed in Utrecht. The 8km-long line is an expansion of the Utrecht tram network and stretches between Utrecht Central Station and Utrecht University campus (De Uithof) in the east of the city.

The project is being commissioned by the province of Utrecht and Utrecht municipality.

RegioTram Utrecht will manage the new line on behalf of the province.

Image: James van Kraanen (left) signed the agreement on behalf of Strukton Rail and Paul Tulp (tram infrastructure) on behalf of Regiotram. Photo: courtesy of Regiotram Utrecht.