Thales will supply its SelTrac Communications-Based Train Control technology for Korea’s Incheon Metro Line 2, which is due to be ready to serve the Asian Olympic Games in August 2014.

The solution will include moving-block technology, supervision subsystems to interface with passenger information, free-space radio for train-wayside equipment data communications, supervisory control and data acquisition systems and the operation of the platform screen door system.

The technology will allow for a fully driverless operation of the line, bi-directional operation and improved service frequency.

Under the €40m ($54.7m million) deal, Thales will provide commissioning support to the Korean E&M consortium, which has the turnkey contract to build the line.

The 30.2km 27-station line will link Oyru Dong with Incheon City Hall, Geomam Station and Incheon Grand Park and will be served by 37 trains operating at a 120-second headway.