Bombardier has commended the US Government’s recently awarded high-speed rail grants as a historic step forward for the country in building its next-generation transportation network.

The rail grants were announced last week for 13 national rail corridors as part of $8bn of stimulus money under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Bombardier Transportation vice-president Robert Furniss said that while the company is reviewing the details, it supports the Obama Administration’s overall vision to build a network of high-speed rail corridors in the US.

“For US passenger rail policy to make a significant lasting impact, it must be consistent, compatible and competitive. In terms of funding, consistent investments over the long term will be critical to building a strong US passenger rail industry. Finally, competitiveness must drive the process,” Furniss said.

“As the global leader in passenger rail technology and the leading supplier of passenger rail vehicles in the US, Bombardier Transportation is well positioned to support efforts to bring higher-speed rail options to reality in the near term,” he said.