East German railway ODEG has awarded a €146m contract to Swiss firm Stadler Rail to supply 23 rail cars.

The fleet includes 16 four-car EMUs, six GTW 2/6 two-car DMUs and one Regio-Shuttle RS1 diesel railcar.

The deal will allow ODEG, a joint venture between Hamburger Hochbahn subsidiary Benex and Arriva subsidiary Prignitz Railway, to operate the regional services in Berlin Brandenburg.

ODEG was jointly awarded the Berlin Brandenburg concession by German rail operator DB in 2009.

The DMus are scheduled to be delivered in 2011 to be used on Jüterbog-Berlin Wannsee and Rathenow-Brandenburg lines, which will be operated by ODEG from December 2011.

The EMUs are scheduled to enter service in 2012 on the Stendal-Rathenow-Cottbus and Wismar-Wittenberge-Ludwigsfelde regional express services.