Russia is planning to build a major rail tunnel to link the country with the US, state-run Russian Railways’ president Vladimir Yakunin has revealed.

According to the Sunday Express, Yakunin said the tunnel could be feasible in ten years and is part of his ambition to link more than half the planet by train.

The planned 64-mile tunnel will be bored under the Bering Sea that separates Asia and North America and is expected to allow the 9,000-mile journey to finish in three weeks.

The tunnel, along with planned new rail links through Alaska and eastern Russia, would allow freight and passenger trains to run from the US to London on uninterrupted tracks.

To run trains from Russia to the US, nearly 3,000 miles of new tracks would be needed, which would cost $64.8bn (£40bn).

The technology used in the Channel Tunnel could be used for the new tunnel, according to Yakunin.