UK rail operator Network Rail has opened the new temporary Workington station, built in just six days, to reconnect the two halves of the flood-hit Cumbrian town.

The station is the first to reunite the separated north and southern parts of the town after several bridges, including the ones over the River Derwent, collapsed due to the heavy rains and floods nearly ten days ago.

The station provides a link between Northside and the main centre of the town and is designed for residents on the north side to help reach the town centre or local schools and supermarkets.

The station has been built on wasteland by nearly 500 people using scaffolding and planks and features two platforms, a portable waiting room, a gravel car park and a footbridge.

The station will allow for a free hourly service from Maryport in the north to the existing station on the south side of the River Derwent.

The service is expected to run at least for six months.