Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Netz AG has awarded an €18m contract to Siemens to supply control technology for the Maschen marshalling yard in Germany, considered to be Europe’s largest freight hub.

Siemens will equip a total of 88 classification tracks, 48 of the South-North hump yard and 40 of the North-South hump yard with the MSR 32 classification control system.

The system controls the radio-operated locomotives, intermediate and group retarders, the routing of rolling stock and their speed, as well readying cars for coupling in the classification tracks.

The routing control automatically sets the switches for the cuts from the hump to the classification tracks. The continuous computation of the variable hump speed avoids the risk of any bumping or catch-ups.

The freight yard serves as the main hub for freight traffic of the seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven as well as toward Scandinavia.

The control system is expected to be installed by mid-2013.