Bombardier has unveiled its first Itino diesel railcar equipped with a Clean Diesel Power Pack to meet the EU’s new Stage IIIb exhaust emissions regulations.

The Catalyst-based Low Emission ApplicatioN system (CLEAN) is the company’s first low-emission 500kW traction package built to meet the new emission standards, which will come into force in 2012.

The system helps cut exhaust emissions by up to 83% and reduce total mass of the powerpack and exhaust system by 20%.

The system uses a 560kW eight-cylinder diesel engine with a Selective Catalytic Reduction catalytic converter connected to a power-shift transmission unit, to reduce the engine’s emissions by injecting a urea-water solution into the exhaust system.

The system also uses an integrated 400V three-phase current generator which, along with a converter, provides the entire auxiliary power supply and power for the cooling system.

The new vehicles are scheduled to be delivered to German operator Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund and Swedish operator Vasttrafik by the end of 2009.