A new intermodal terminal is being built in the US state of Ohio for the transfer of freight between trains and trucks.

The facility, Northwest Ohio Terminal, is being pitched as a major part of the proposed $840m National Gateway project that will serve the Mid-Atlantic ports and the Midwest.

The terminal will be the western point for the National Gateway which will extend from North Carolina to the East Coast’s busy Interstate-95 route and Baltimore in the west to Ohio.

The terminal will serve as a distribution hub for retail products ranging from household electronic equipment to clothing and will be built and operated by CSX subsidiary Evansville Western Railway.

It is expected to be finished by 2011.

The National Gateway will be environmentally friendly with double-stack railcars to allow trains to carry double the load, leading to lesser fuel use, air pollution, carbon emissions and highway congestion.

The project is expected to receive $30m in federal and $30m in state funds and $175m from CSX and its affiliates.