St Albans Abbey station in the UK has installed a ‘Harrington Hump’, a modular easy-access system that raises the platform area to reduce the platform-train gap.

The system, installed by operator Network Rail, provides easy access to trains from platforms for passengers who face difficulty in taking large steps, particularly the elderly, parents with children, people with luggage and the physically challenged.

The system uses a glass-reinforced polymer which comes in sections and can be built to the desired length and height. Any platform can be raised using the polymer.

The new system is cost effective as the conventional method to rebuild a platform to the desired height costs nearly £250,000 while the polymer method costs just £60,000.

The system has been manufactured by UK firm Pipex Structural Composites of Plymouth and funded by the Department for Transport and Network Rail.

The station has now become the country’s second station to use the Harrington Hump after Cumbria County.

Aberdovey station in Wales will be the third station to have this facility.