Russian Railways (RZD) has cut rail pollutants emissions into the atmosphere since 2008 by 10%, waste by 29.5% and effluent discharge by 0.1% according to officials.

The result has been a cut of 20,000t of pollutants, 10,300t of effluent discharge and 388,500t of waste.

The RZD says the reductions are due to its investment of RUB54.1m in environmental activities during the first half of the year under its “Promoting Environmental Safety 2009–2011” project.

In 2008, the RZD installed environmentally friendly treatment facilities on rail lines in Northern (Sharya and Inta) locomotive depots, the North Caucasus (Krasnodar) locomotive depot, Kuibyshev (Syzran) locomotive depot and at the West Siberian (Altai) locomotive depot.

In addition, money was spent at eight sites for the temporary storage and removal of waste on Northern Railways and Sakhalin Railways, says RZD.