Power and transportation equipment provider Alstom Transport has unveiled the Prima II next-generation locomotive prototype at its Belfort plant in France for a series of running trials in Wildenrath, Germay.

The new locomotive is designed for different national rail networks. It is equipped with power electronics (IGBT inverter) to operate on four different voltages of 25kV, 15kV, 1,500V and 3,000V, enabling easy crossing of borders in Europe.

The locomotive with a power output of 6.4MW runs at a speed of 140–200kmph depending on the configuration option activated by the operator.

The air-conditioned cabs are equipped with noise insulation and driving desks designed to meet the UIC612 standard for interoperability.

The standardisation of the main equipment simplifies manufacture and maintenance, and Alstom offers spare parts and complete maintenance of the fleet.

Morocco’s Office National Des Chemins De FER (ONCF) ordered 20 Prima II locomotives in 2007 and delivery is expected start in the third quarter of 2009.

The new locomotive is expected to be commissioned in 2011.