Alstom has activated the new Smartlock interlocking system of the integrated control centre in Bologna to optimise traffic through one of the largest rail hubs in Italy.

The fully computerised traffic regulation system has a new user interface and will provide passengers and operators with increased safety, punctuality and real-time information for immediate intervention and decision making.

The system designed by Alstom consists of 300 balises, 600 different signals, 350 point machines, 1,400 main routes and 1,700 shunting routes.

It will provide optimised traffic solutions for 1,000 freight and passenger trains travelling every day throughout the network, which is expected to handle 1,500 trains a day within the next five years.

Following the activation, Bologna Centrale has now become a super integrated control centre, managing the infrastructure of eight lines and 29 stations.

The contract was awarded to Alstom Transport in 2004 by the Italian rail network RFI. The contract share of the Alstom is €119m out of the total contract worth €135m.