GE Transportation has signed a $500m custom service agreement (CSA) contract as well as a joint investment contract with its Kazakhstan Railway (KTZ).

The first contract (CSA), to run 15 years, includes maintenance and renovation of joint stock company (JSC) Lokomotiv’s fleet of 404 series GE-modernised locomotives.

JSC Lokomotiv, a subsidiary of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), manages KTZ’s locomotive fleet.

As part of CSA, GE has teamed up with Kamkor to enhance the performance of KTZ’s fleet of locomotives, supply all materials and components, provide training and manage the locomotive inventory and material logistics.

Kamkor will provide the facilities, labour and equipment for the fleet.

GE will also provide shared training to local personnel for guaranteed long-term fleet maintenance.

The second agreement of joint investment with KTZ to assemble the remaining order of 300 GE Evolution Series locomotives at Astana will start by the end of 2009.