The upgraded Tottenham-Dynon rail link at Australia’s Port of Melbourne has opened after five years of construction.

The A$45m project was instigated to provide a 7km double-track standard gauge connection between the Tottenham yards and the Port of Melbourne’s intermodal terminal.

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development & Local Government Anthony Albanese said that the investment had doubled the capacity of the line to handle an additional 500 trains a week.

“Put simply, it means more freight transported more quickly,” he said. “The upgrade will also benefit local commuter rail services, with the movement of passenger trains made smoother.”

The A$174m Dynon Port Rail Link was completed at the same time, separating road and rail access to the port. A notorious level crossing on Footscray Road has been replaced with a road flyover, easing road congestion and lifting restrictions on the number of trains entering the port.