Funkwerk to supply GSM-R handhelds to OBB

21 February 2012 (Last Updated February 21st, 2012 18:30)

Funkwerk has won a contract from Austrian railway company OBB to supply GSM-R handheld radios.

Funkwerk has won a contract from Austrian railway company ÖBB to supply GSM-R handheld radios.

Under the contract Funkwerk will supply more than 2,000 handheld devices of the new focX product range, which are scheduled to run until 2016.

The focX handhelds are based on the latest global system for mobile communication for railways (GSM-R) standard and are designed to transfer voice and data in rail-specific mobile radio communication.

GSM-R was introduced as the standard for digital information transfer in an effort to harmonise European rail transport communications and is now used by as many as 32 railway companies in Europe.

Rated to IP 65, the handheld devices are equipped to protect themselves from dust and water jets, making them suitable for use in very tough environments.

Handheld devices offered by Funkwerk come with a transflective display which allows a good readability of user information even under direct sunlight exposure.

They are also suitable for those who have not launched GSM-R throughout their whole service areas or for railway operators, the company said.

Rail operators can also use them as direct mode (simplex) based on the European-wide harmonised UIC 450MHz frequency band in GSM-R traffic hot-spots where no additional GSM-R frequency resources are available.

OBB said during bidding it opted for products from Funkwerk as it is a specialist in communication systems for railway companies and the European market provider in mobile GSM-R train radio systems.

In 2004, ÖBB had acquired train radio equipment and systems from Funkwerk, along with many other rail operators across Europe.

As part of its ongoing reintroduction, the company is focusing efforts in its traffic and control communication segment on train and rail transport while improving its international market position.