DuPont, Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) and French rail operator SNCF have installed the Typar SF geotextile solution to prevent ballast corrosion on French rail tracks.

The new solution was in need of renovation due to the ballast becoming degraded and contaminated by soil particles.

The new ballast has been installed on the northern stretch of the line, which was built in 1860, between Moret / Veneux-les-Sablons and Lyon.

Du Pont Typar SF geotextile is a non-woven fabric application, which was chosen for its high mechanical resistance and filtration, as well as hydraulic performance.

During replacement of ballasts, French companies packed the new ballast onto the Typar SF geotextile before the sleepers and rails are replaced.

For smooth installation, the French rail companies brought in an advanced multi-function track-replacement machine to lift the tracks and sleepers at a time for replacement of contaminated ballast.

Du Pont has also delivered Plantex Gold to the bordering pathways for weed control along the tracks.

Plantex Gold offers a nonwoven structure of thermally bonded polypropylene filaments, which form a barrier to vegetation, while allowing water to pass through, preventing weed growth.

It does not require any herbicides, ensuring the quality of water in the catchment water, while guaranteeing the safety of railway users, Du Pont said.

Image: New ballast is laid over DuPont Typar and then sleepers and rails are replaced. Photo: courtesy of DuPont.