Alstom and FSI plan to acquire 85% of Translohr

10 April 2012 (Last Updated April 10th, 2012 18:30)

Alstom and the Fonds Stratégique d'Investissement (FSI) are studying a plan to jointly acquire 85% of Translohr for €60m.

Alstom and the Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement (FSI) are studying a plan to jointly acquire 85% of Translohr for €60m.

Translohr are a Lohr group brand that specialise in the manufacture and marketing of tyre-based trams.

After the discussion is finalised, the deal will be referred to the European competition authorities for approval. The remaining 15% stake of Translohr would be retained by Lohr, the parent company of the Lohr Industries group.

The deal is expected to ensure the long-term future of Translohr’s activity at Duppigheim, Alsace, France, where its industrial operations are based, as well as the continuation of a specialist public transport equipment business in France.

Translohr’s project management, industrial expertise and purchasing power is expected to benefit from Alstom’s support and take advantage of its commercial network, to provide its solution anywhere.

Capable of reaching a speed of 70 km/h and climbing 13% gradients, Translohr’s light tyre-based tramway, has a length of 25m to 46m depending on the version, with a central steering system on each axle connected to the guiding rail.

Since its launch, 150 Translohr tyre-based tramways have been sold in France (Clermont-Ferrand, Paris region), Italy (Padua, Venice-Mestre), China (Shanghai, Tianjin) and Colombia (Medellín).

Currently the Translohr tramway is in service in five cities, including Clermont-Ferrand, Padua, Venice-Mestre, Shanghai and Tianjin.

During 2011, Alstom Transport received locomotive orders in Russia and Kazakhstan, regional trains in France and Sweden, high-speed trains in Morocco, metros in Canada, Santo Domingo, Panama, India and Brazil, as well as tramways in France and Tunisia.