SME promotes in-house innovative engineering which includes developing state of the art electronic controllers for all our heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units as well as Auxiliary Power Units (APUs). We pride ourselves in our latest control invention called the Multi-Application Control (SmartMAC) System.

The SME SmartMAC is our specially designed, ergonomic and modular Multi-Application Control (MAC) system which encapsulates the complete control system of an HVAC or APU unit.

It is a comprehensive control system with an ingenious design, vast capability and stackability. The modular stack design enables additions at any later stage, which is ideal for upgrades and new features.

  • The General Purpose Controller (most important module) acts as the master controller to all SmartMAC modular stacks, and contains digital inputs & outputs, analogue inputs, relays, USB and CAN Bus.
  • The Electronic Surveillance Module (ESM) provides data logging and receives all the data from all other modules in the system. It then writes it in a recognisable format to an SD card. Real-time system monitoring can be obtained via Bluetooth or a USB connection. A cellular phone can be used for retrieval of real time data, but it can also be used for sending commands to the unit. Status and control can also be done from any location via internet.
  • The module can also be used as a solid state relay for switching compressors or fans. The module provides superfast protection against short circuits, overvoltage, over current and over temperature of the component it is driving.
  • The SmartMAC simplifies and reduces the space consumed by a conventional control system.
  • Reduces downtime as a result of electronic failure (easy replacement of modules).
  • Protects the electronics from harsh environmental conditions. (75°C Ambients)
  • Interfaces with our purpose-built compact Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) or control panels for where comprehensive insight into system diagnostics is given.

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