CALIPRI Prime: Wheel Profile Measurement Device

Calipri Prime

CALIPRI Prime is a cost-effective handheld device for wheel profile measurement. The contact-free recording technology and the focus on a single measurement object make CALIPRI Prime a clear alternative to error-prone mechanical gauges, such as the wheel flanged gauge, for random maintenance steps or small workshops.

Cost-effective handheld device for wheel profile measurement

CALIPRI Prime can measure the entire wheel profile contact-free and absolutely free of user influences within a few seconds. Alongside the key wheel flange dimensions (height, width, qR), the wheel width, hollow tread and the rollover can be determined as well. Right after the measurement process, the results are available on the embedded display.

Thus, the deviation from limit dimensions is displayed automatically. Given the reduction to a single measurement function, additional CALIPRI Prime´s advantage is low acquisition cost.

Reproducible measurement results free of user influences

CALIPRI´s non-contact mode of operation is based on the laser light section technology. When compared to conventional measurement methods using contact, the non-contact operation provides results that are significantly more reliable and reproducible. The measurement results are thus free of operator influences and represent the clear alternative to the error-prone wheel flanged gauge.

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