CALIPRI C4x Wheelset Inspection Modules


The CALIPRI C4x instruments are handheld optical profile measurement devices, multifunctional applicable for the entire wheel-rail system and made to provide highly accurate measurement results.

Software modules for wheelset inspection tasks allow the measurement of wheel profiles, brake disc profiles and other important wear parameters. Even in retrospect, the user can expand its measurement device without having to purchase additional systems.

The following measurement modules are available for the evaluation of wheelset parameters:

  • Wheel profile
  • Wheel diameter
  • Tyre thickness
  • Brake disc profile
  • Defects (Measurement of flat spots and pittings)
  • Radial / axial runout
  • Equivalent conicity
  • Wheelshop (optimal cutting depth determination for wheel set machining)
  • Analyser (universal profile evaluation software)

Multifunctionality saves time and money

The innovative CALIPRI measurement method facilitates recording of a wide range of profile shapes with one and the same measurement gauge. From wheel profiles to brake disc profiles, all contours can be measured with CALIPRI C4x sensors within seconds and compared with individual limit dimensions.

In comparison to traditional measuring devices, this multifunctionality can save a significant amount of money. Thanks to the contact-free measurement technology, the user can avoid the purchase of numerous measuring devices applicable for only one measuring object. What is more, calibration and training costs are low and the time required to measure an object is much shorter.

Reproducible measurement results without operator influence

The contact-free mode of operation, based on the laser light section technology, delivers measurement values that are significantly more reliable and better reproducible when compared to conventional measurement tools using contact. The devices can be easily operated by hand without the necessity of being fixed to the measurement object.

The unique feature of this technology is the use of several laser light lines to capture the profile of a measurement object in order to compensate for any tilts and twists during the measurement process. The main advantage thereby is that during the whole measurement process the distance and the angle between the sensor and the measurement object do not have to be exact and precise.

Additional modules for the track system measurement (‘rail’, ‘grooved rail’ and ‘switch’) are available.

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