CALIPRI C4x Track Inspection Modules


With CALIPRI modules for infrastructure applications, the optical measurement devices of the product family CALIPRI C4x provide highly accurate results in the measurement of tracks. Due to its modular software concept the system can be adapted to specific customer needs at any time. Even in retrospect, the user can expand the measurement device functionality.

For track inspection, the Rail and Switch modules are available.

With the Rail module, the complete rail head cross-section can be measured within seconds to receive key data and wear parameters. In addition to essential dimensions such as head width and crown radius, the wear at the top and the sides can also be determined and compared to standard profile values.

The Switch module enables the non-contact measurement of switch frogs and switch blades. Important wear parameters like groove width, groove depth, frog width or the lowering of the frog centre can also be analysed. Additionally, head width, blade height difference and flange gradient of switch blades can be determined. The Switch module allows precise and comfortable recording of all common switch profiles.

Reproducible measurement results without operator influence

CALIPRI´s contact-free operation mode is based on laser light section technology. Thus delivering measurement values that are significantly more reliable and reproducible when compared to conventional measurement methods using contact. To perform a profile measurement, the instrument is operated by hand. Thereby, the sensor does not have to be attached nor precisely aligned to the rail or switch. The measurement results are so free from user influences and reproducible.

Safe data documentation with multiple interfaces

Extensive analysis and reporting functions of the CALIPRI software grant maximum customisation of data processing. Measurement data can be stored and exported according to customer´s special needs. The digital data transmission is tamper-proof and replaces hand-written documentation.

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