Rooftop mounted modular air conditioning unit (ACU) to supply 8kW cooling to ensure a cabin temperature of 20°C-25°C max in a 55°C ambient, provided the cabin is thermally insulated. The aircon is a single evaporator design with a single 215cc compressor, directly driven by a 74VDC brushless motor. The system operates on a single 74VDC supply, without the need for an inverter.

The system slightly increases the height of the locomotive, but the overall height stays within normal gauge limit. With the placement of the unit on the roof any diesel locomotive can be upgraded with this system. The system is designed to be removed from the locomotive within ten minutes with the use of an overhead crane. This ensures quick turnaround times when the system needs to be replaced.

The electrical connections, looms between the aircon, power units, electronic control panels and electrical control gear are designed and selected for operation in railway environments, which include adverse temperatures as well as severe shock and vibration.

The aircon is equipped with custom-designed electronic controllers, capable of all control and safety functions. The controller activates subsystems as required to regulate the cabin temperature to the desired setting on the control panel (HMI). The system has a Bluetooth login interface for remote monitoring via a smartphone app and/or laptop. Heating can be provided as an option.

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