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15 September 2023

Weekly Newsletter

15 September 2023

ALE to provide network solutions for Grand Paris Express

The French communications software company will rollout its products on the metro line across the next decade.

Noah Bovenizer September 12 2023

The Grand Paris Express, one of Europe’s largest metro rail projects, has chosen Alcatel Lucent Enterprise (ALE) and Nokia to provide connected network solutions for its new lines.

The partnership between the two communications companies will cover maintenance, operations, video surveillance and air quality across a high-speed backbone network and IoT sensors.

ALE, as a distribution partner for Nokia, will install its ruggedized LAN OmniSwitch range across stations and in remote industrial environments, while Nokia will be providing its multi-service IP/MPLS high-speed backbone network to the metro lines, as previously announced.

Nathan Stenson, vice president of Nokia’s Global Partner Channel, said: “This state-of-the-art technology enables a powerful multi-service IoT network that provides air quality and video monitoring in stations with 13,000 cameras and AI to enhance safety and security throughout the Grand Paris Express.”

Due to the long-term rollout of the project, which covers four new lines around Paris, an extension of an existing one and 68 new subway stations, the deployment of Nokia and ALE’s technology is currently planned to last until 2035.

The new lines being built under the Grand Paris project (15, 16, 17 and 18) are set to begin opening in phases in 2025, with line 17 recently reaching the halfway point of construction and the overall project is set to cover 200km of new rail with ALE and Nokia providing a connection between the centralised control centre and automated sections. 

In addition to providing “mission-critical solutions”, ALE has also highlighted the environmental impact of its partnership with Nokia on the project.

Chief Business Officer Rukmini Glanard said: “Together we will provide a certified mission-critical network, supporting carbon-free transportation. ALE is fully compliant with and committed to sustainable development regulations as defined by the UN Global Compact.”

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