Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC) and Tokyo commuter operator Tokyu are testing a prototype of the Sustina electric multiple-unit (EMU) car in Tokyo.

The new protoype, being trialled in revenue service under a Series 5050 EMU on the Toyoko Line, is reportedly suitable for both domestic and export markets.

The Sustina’s watertight laser-welded stainless steel body does not require painting, and eliminates the need for resin-based sealants.

The car’s interior roll-bar is deployed laterally near the ceiling to strengthen the overall carbody structure in the event of a collision from the side.

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According to Tokyu, the EMU car has been built to offer an extended service life and high reliability to reduce disruption on routes with heavy commuter traffic.

J-TREC said the car’s lightweight design is 30% lighter than a mild steel design and similar to an aluminium-bodied model, which reduces traction energy during operation when compared to other steel-bodied EMUs, according to the Railway Gazette.

J-TREC also said the adoption of module configuration for interior equipment would cut down the Sustina’s production time and costs.

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