Hitachi Rail Italy has won three service contracts worth €108m to maintain Frecciarossa 1000, Frecciarossa 500 and TSR regional trains.

Under the new contracts, the company’s activities include control, monitoring and maintenance through the supply of materials.

Hitachi Rail Italy CEO Maurizio Manfellotto said: “This is further confirmation of our capacity to supply not only products advanced in technology and design, but also to assist our customers step by step in their requirement to assure better performances for the passengers.”

The company’s first contract is for management of spare parts and repairs of Italian train operator Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa fleet. Trenitalia will be entitled to require up to €79m of spares parts and skilled labour from Hitachi for activities to be performed in dedicated train yards for the next nine years.

"This is further confirmation of our capacity to assist our customers step-by-step in their requirement to assure better performances for the passengers."

Hitachi will perform timely and constant checks to ensure efficiency of the fleet of 50 trains all in operation from next year.

The company’s second contract is worth around €7.9m and for provision of corrective maintenance services and functional tests for the recommissioning of Trenord’s TSR fleet.

Running for two years, the service will cover monitoring, verification and cyclical overhaul of the trains moving every day in Lombardy.

Hitachi will perform these activities in partnership with Sitav on around 80 cars and will involve possible additional activities to be agreed at check-in.

The Hitachi Rail Italy-Sitav consortium also secured a €21m service contract extension by Trenitalia for ordinary preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance of systems and components of the Frecciarossa 500 for 12 months.