Škoda Transportation unit Transtech Oy will deliver 10 ForCity Smart Artic trams for €30m to Finland’s capital Helsinki.

Helsinki City Transport earlier placed an order for 60 ForCity Smart Artic trams.

The recent years have seen the city place an order for a total of 99 trams, worth more than €300m.

Škoda Transportation vice-president and Transtech chairman Zdeněk Majer said: “I am very proud that HKL Helsinki is satisfied with the Škoda’s trams and the local transport company is ordering ten more vehicles.

“ForCity Smart Artic trams will be also delivered to another Finnish city Tampere and moreover, there are a few hundreds of our modern double-deck coaches used in all over Finland. We have been really successful on this market in the last years. Transtech has fully incorporated into Škoda Transportation group with the sales of about €120m.”

Helsinki City Transport (HKL) CEO Ville Lehmuskoski said: “The future growth of the city of Helsinki is very much based on increasing tram transportation.

“All-wheel drive, a robust chassis, and axle design provide effective tram operation in challenging weather conditions.”

“Helsinki City Transport and the citizens in Helsinki have been satisfied with the experiences of ForCity Smart Artic trams. It is therefore easy to make this decision to increase our Artic fleet.”

Currently, 48 ForCity Smart Artic trams are operating in Helsinki. The first Artic trams have been in operation since 2013.

Transtech Oy CEO Lasse Orre said: “According to our customer, Helsinki City Transportation, the popularity of the trams is increasing among the passengers and Helsinki City is responding to that by exercising an option.

“In close co-operation with Helsinki City Transportation, we have developed a tram which is reliable and energy efficient and has proven to be the right choice. We believe that it will be also a success in the international market.”

With a gauge of 1,000mm, the one-directional three-part ForCity Smart Artic Helsinki tram is 27.4m-long.

Further, it is a fully low-floor tram and provides barrier-free access for wheelchair users and prams.

All-wheel drive, a robust chassis, and axle design provide effective tram operation in challenging weather conditions.

Set up in 1985, Transtech is a manufacturer of rolling stock in Nordic countries and its primary products include double-deck passenger coaches operated as push-pull trains, trams, and engineering products.

Currently, it employs around 700 people. The company’s core contracts include the delivery of double-deck pressure-tight coaches for state-owned VR Group (Finnish railways).

Škoda Transportation is part of the PPF Group, which invests in several sectors such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, biotechnology, insurance, real estate, and agriculture.