An Astaldi-led joint venture (JV) has won a contract worth more than €310m from the Municipality of Warsaw for the extension works of Line 2 of the Warsaw underground in Poland.

Besides Astaldi, the JV includes Turkish firm Gülermak, which is an equal partner in the agreement.

The official signing of the contract will be carried out after the completion of necessary procedures under law.

The contract involves the design and construction of the Western Section 3 of Line 2 from the C04 Powstańców Śląskich station to the Mory (STP) technical station.  The work is expected to be completed within four years.

The project is the third part of the Warsaw underground that Astaldi has been contracted to work on.

“The contract involves the design and construction of the Western Section 3 of Line 2”

Completed in 2015, the first lot involved building the Rondo Daszynskiego-Dworzec Wilenski section with Gülermak and the Polish company PBDIM.

The project included the construction of 6km of line and seven underground stations.

The second lot, which is currently being completed, involves 3km of tunnel excavation and the development of three underground stations along the Dworzec Wilenski-C-18 Station section. It also includes civil and railway systems.

With an order backlog of more than €800m in its share, the Astaldi Group has been operating in Poland for nearly ten years.

The company’s ongoing works include the upgrading of the E-59 and LK-7 railway lines over a total length of 100km and several other road projects.

Recently, it completed the construction of Lodz-Fabryczna underground station.

Based in Italy, the group specialises in designing, developing and operating large-scale civil engineering works.