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The Low Vibration Track (LVT) System for Gotthard Base Tunnel

In December 2016, the world's longest railway tunnel will start its revenue service in the heart of Switzerland.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel will provide a faster and better connection between northern and southern Europe, with a construction length of 57km, two tubes each, providing a new dimension in tunnelling and railway operations in long tunnels. As part of the NEAT (new Alpine transversal) and 2nd Alpine crossing, the Gotthard Base Tunnel connects Erstfeld in the German-speaking and Bodio in the Italian-speaking region and is part of the Rhine-Alpine European railway corridor.

With the start of the Gotthard Base Tunnel's revenue service, the travelling time from Zurich to Milan will be reduced by one hour, which makes the railway more competitive compared to flights and car travel. Freight traffic will be almost doubled to meet the ambitious Swiss target of limiting the transit freight traffic on the road by 2018.

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