Enclosures for Railway Systems - Railway Technology
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Enclosures for Railway Systems

As the continuous development of information integration in electronic information era, the manufacture and use of enclosures become more and more diverse.

Weisheng can provide the enclosure suitable for all kinds of occasions and better meet the needs of customers.

Weisheng enclosures can apply to any railway systems and other occasions. There offers some specifications for enclosures:

  • Product type: Control enclosures, combined enclosures, IT enclosures and outdoor enclosures
  • Materials: Stainless-steel and cold-roll steel sheet
  • Surface treatment: Surface drawing and size 320 mesh or nano film technology, cathodic electrophoresis primer and exterior powder spraying to form orange stripes
  • Protection grade: IP55
  • Size: standard size or customisable non-standard size

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