Glass-Banding, Banding, Resiglass, Polyglas, Rotor-Banding and Armature-Banding Tape

Nashik Insulations manufactures banding tape, its synonyms being glass fibre tapes, glass-banding, banding, resiglass, polyglass, rotor-banding and armature-banding tape. Banding tape is available in thermal class F (155°C) and thermal class H (200°C). Features of our banding tape include:

  • High thermal resistance of up to 200°C; a short period of heating up to 260°C may be tolerated, whereas solder may melt on steel wires
  • Very high arc resistance, thereby minimizing the possibility of 'flash over' which has often been a problem with steel bands
  • Resistant to humidity and corrosion
  • Smooth cured surface on application of banding tape reduces dirt adhesion, which might otherwise lead to tracking failure
  • Non-conducting material, hence eliminates insulation as required under steel banding
  • Prevents lashing banding tape bands, eliminating the extreme damage caused by lashing wires and lifting armature coils experienced when steel bands break

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