A Step Forward on the Technology Path to an All-Electrically Operated Train

TE Connectivity is contributing to the portfolio of modern rail technology with its innovative VESA vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) for 25kV and 15kV vehicles. The VESA VCB is a main circuit breaker located on the train roof near the pantograph(s). In contrast to existing line power circuit breaker technology, which is normally based on pneumatic actuation, TE's solution is electro-magnetically operated.

Without the need for compressed air to actuate the line power circuit breaker, the infrastructure complexity of the train is reduced with corresponding train equipment weight and space savings. Electro-magnetic actuation offers performance advantages that include immediate availability, fast response time, reduced contactor bounce and energy-efficient operation. The VESA product features a slim on-roof profile for reduced aerodynamic drag that helps to reduce the energy consumption, and therefore the carbon footprint, of a train over its lifetime.

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