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MFL Maschinenfabrik Liezen

Rail Milling Machines, Rail Sawing and Drilling Equipment, Rail Production Lines

Fabriksplatz 1, Steyrermuehl,

Austria-based Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei (MFL) is a world-leading supplier of stationary and mobile rail milling and rail processing machines. MFL also delivers complete rail production lines as general contractor. MFL is engaged with rail processing technologies for more than ten years and offers a wide range of experience and know-how. Continuous development and advancement guarantee our customers machines that are always state of the art.

Mobile rail milling machines

MFL’s rail milling machines are an effective and efficient servicing method. The machines are able to operate on all kinds of track, including main line and metro systems. By an enormous material removal rate of up to 8mm, the milling process guarantees a perfect cross-profile after one pass only. This high productivity can be reached without production of sparks and dust and without leaving dirt. Milling technology does not only protect the environment, it also prevents pollution of the track bed. 99.9% of the produced chips are removed by a suction device and can be resold as high-grade steel scrap.

Due to the reduction of tool and auxiliary costs (purification of the track, tunnel, etc.) compared to grinding, the milling process contributes essentially to the economic success of an organisation.

Stationary rail milling machines

The mobile rail milling technology can also be used stationary. All technical advantages are included in the stationary rail milling machines as well.

High working speeds:

  • Removal rates up to 8mm in one working process
  • Surface roughness after milling Ra < 4 µm

The stationary rail milling process is continuously. Equipped with handling system (loading and finishing units), as well as tool changing systems of MFL, shift operation can be realised easily. Combined with the mentioned technical benefits, the economic operation of the machine cannot be topped.

Rail sawing and drilling machines

The rail sawing and drilling machine cuts and drills rails in one working process. MFL offers customised and turnkey solutions. The rail sawing and drilling machine is characterised by the following features:

  • Horizontal and vertical adjustable drilling spindles
  • Temperature compensation to ensure an exact cutting length under different temperature conditions
  • Guaranteed length tolerance for rails from 5m – 120m

Technical data:

  • Processable rail profile (HxW): 200mm x 220mm
  • Number of drillers: 1 – 6 Stück
  • Drilling diameter: 20mm – 40mm
  • Saw blade diameter: 660mm

Rail drilling and milling machines

The rail drilling and milling machine is used for the production of round and slotted holes at the rail web. A precise chamfering within very tight tolerances is possible. Beside the most important feature of processing round and slotted holes with one machine only, the rail drilling and milling machine offers the following advantages:

  • Vertical and horizontal processing of slotted holes
  • Web measuring device for recognition of markings
  • Exact length positioning by material feeding tongs
  • Manipulator for automatic tool change

Technical data:

  • Number of drilling stations: 1
  • Number of chamfering stations: 1
  • Chamfering angle: 30° / 45°
  • Chamfering tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm

Special machinery / axle sawing machines

The core competence of MFL is the machine tool manufacturing. This is reflected by MFL special machinery used all over the world and esteemed by professionals.

In addition to customised solutions for standard applications, MFL engineers are known for innovative ideas for special machinery. As an example the axle sawing machine is mentioned below.

The axle sawing machine is a horizontal single cut sawing machine for exact cutting of axles. The machine does the fully automatic cutting, centering and face milling of axles.

MFL sawing machines are equipped with carbide-tipped saw blades that ensure high performance and a long service life with fewer associated costs. MFL also supplies complete rail production lines as a general contractor.

Sawing and Milling Technology: Perfection in All Areas

Maschinenfabrik Liezen has a fifty-year history in the field of machine construction and foundry. The management's aim is to remain at its present industrial location in Liezen to further its long term relationship with their employees and the community.

Grand Paris Express

The Grand Paris Express is part of the Grand Paris project announced in 2007, under Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency, to develop Greater Paris into a sustainable metropolitan area.

Hallandsås Tunnel Project / Scanlink

The Hallandsås Tunnel project, also known as Scanlink, was constructed through the Hallandsås ridge, located in the south-western part of Sweden.

MFL Goes to China

Following MFL's successful introduction to the large Russian rail milling market, it has decided to enter the Chinese rail milling market as well. The tender of the Chinese Ministry of Railway (MoR) concerning the fifth rail milling machine was finally awarded to the joint project of Maschinenfabrik Liezen (MFL) in Austria and China Railway Large Maintenance Machinery, Kunming (KCRC) in China.

MFL Maschinenfabrik Liezen to Exhibit at AusRAIL 2011

Visit MFL Maschinenfabrik Liezen's booth (hall 1, booth number 424) at AusRAIL from 22 to 24 November 2011 in Brisbane and get more information about its stationary and mobile rail milling technology and machinery for the production of rail and axles.

MFL Maschinenfabrik Liezen to Exhibit at METRO China

METRO China is one of the largest exhibitions for metro technology in China. Visit MFL Maschinenfabrik Liezen's booth (B405) at METRO China from 1 to 4 November 2011 in Beijing to find out more about its stationary and mobile rail milling technology and machinery for the production of rail and axles.

EXPO 1520 – Presentation of RFP 1

The III International Railway Salon 'Expo 1520' is going to take place from 7 - 10 September 2011 in Russia, Moscow. MFL will be present in hall 2, booth number A08/2. During this exhibition, MFL and its local partner JSC Kaluga plant 'Remputmash' will present the most powerful rail mil

MFL Maschinenfabrik Liezen Presents the Milling Train RFP 1

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei (MFL), Austria, has been working with the rail milling technology for more than ten years. Special attention is drawn onto the repair of cross and longitudinal geometric faults and fatigue failures (head checks, squats, riffles, etc.) and also on the preventive

Railmilling – Effective and Efficient Servicing of Rails

Mobile railmilling machines by MFL offer economic and environmental friendly servicing of rail track. The application Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei (MFL) has been engaged with rail processing technologies for more than ten years. The company has especially worked

MFL Presents Modern Rail Technology at Innotrans 2010

In September 2010, Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei GmbH (MFL) attended the Innotrans Show in Berlin for the first time. The company presented interesting and innovative products for the processing of rails. First and foremost MFL presented the mobile railmilling machine. This machi

MFL Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei GmbH

Fabriksplatz 1, Steyrermuehl