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C.A.T.E.R (Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research)

Rail Inspection Systems

C.A.T.E.R (Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research) develops innovative and cost-effective rail inspection systems offering ease of data collection and comprehensive analysis through reliable and proven engineering.

Unit 6, 133 Winton Road,
Western Australia 6027,

Unit 6, 133 Winton Road,
Western Australia 6027,

Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research

C.A.T.E.R (Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research) develops innovative and cost-effective rail inspection systems offering ease of data collection and comprehensive analysis through reliable and proven engineering.

C.A.T.E.R provides quality engineering in the rail industry focused on predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, flaw trending, and an extensive array of rail specific instrumentation.

HANDWave Series II portable RFD tester

HANDWave, a portable RFD testing system, is a powerful and economical alternative to RFD vehicles as it has virtually identical detection performance to larger RFD vehicles.

The 2013 Series II release comes from understanding and addressing those customers’ needs with this unique solution. The essential element to maintain is the unique concept of having one modular unit to be able to test one rail (SRT-Single Rail Tester), two rails at a time (DRT- Dual Rail Tester) or in an automated way by the DRT being towed by a small rail vehicle.

The advantage of this flexibility of setup offers significant cost savings for operators as this removes the need for the purchase, staffing and maintenance of several different types of vehicles.

HANDWave is a robust and lightweight ultrasonic rail flaw detection tool with powerful detection, display and processing features for flaw verification of main track, sidings, depots and yards in one continuous test of the rail.

ULTRAWave ultrasonic rail flaw detection system

ULTRAWave is an ultrasonic rail flaw detection (RFD) system that reduces the cost and risk of testing for rail network operators. C.A.T.E.R has refined decades of experience in supplying train borne RFD systems to offer the most comprehensive ultrasonic rail inspection system including the portable level of HANDWave.

Rail networks can tailor the system to specific requirements, a feature that was previously unavailable to rail operators. Networks can select from a range of carriers and ancillary functions to provide a cost-effective maintenance regime for a particular situation.

A major advantage of the ULTRAWave RFD system is the common software and interface across all levels of C.A.T.E.R ultrasonic systems. For example, HANDWave uses ULTRAWave LITE, a portable version of the vehicle-based systems. The same test operator is able to work at the pedestrian level of HANDWave up to the full train-borne systems with several rail inspection systems onboard. This commonality offers savings in staffing and training costs by the use of the same operator pool when a range of vehicle-based or portable RFD systems are employed.

Features of ULTRAWave include the accurate identification of rail foot corrosion, all software is PC-based for lower cost and shorter down-time and the accurate location tagging of artefacts.

VIDWave rail imaging with video identification system

C.A.T.E.R’s Video IDentification System (VIDWave) is primarily used to inspect and visually confirm other rail inspection information. However, VIDWave can also be employed as a stand-alone (independent) system. VIDWave uses continuous high-speed imaging to aid the assessment and verification of potential flaws in the rail environment in real-time and during post-processing.

Synchronization with the ultrasonic information in post-processing improves the accuracy of rail flaw assessment and reduces analysis and maintenance time by accurate identification of rail issues. Images to identify and verify location can be viewed immediately in real time or during post-processing.

VIDWave can provide not only accurate inspection of the rail surface but also tie (sleeper) condition, ballast, PerWay assets, absence of clips and debris on or near the rail.

RIPWave rail condition monitoring system

C.A.T.E.R’s Rail Intelligent Permanent Way Analysis ViEwer (RIPWave) is a powerful post-test analysis tool for genuine condition monitoring solutions and flaw trending. The software identifies, classifies and verifies potential problems associated with the rail environment.

RIPWave’s ability to support extensive analysis and reporting capability, including run-on-run comparisons, is demonstrated by its capacity to collate, synchronize, filter and report on all RFD/UT, visual information, Track Geometry, Rail Profile Measurement, Corrugation and other related rail related information.

The C.A.T.E.R. aim is to provide the opportunity for rail networks to trend rail condition and develop a predictive regime of maintenance from the extensive tailored (network specific) information collected.

Customer focus for more effective RFD systems

C.A.T.E.R embraces developing better systems in response to customers’ needs. The company is focused on expanding its markets internationally with tailored solutions for effective Rail Inspection systems.

London Rail Goes Australian in Portable Ultrasonic Testing

After an exhaustive selection process, Transport for London (TfL), which includes London Underground (LUL) and Tubelines, has contracted C.A.T.E.R for supply of the HANDWave SRT (Single Rail) and DRT (Dual Rail) ultrasonic testing unit. The successful bid identified ease of use and accurate information analysis as critical determining factors in TfL's decision.

Flexibility in Automated Portable RFD Testing

CATER has expanded its flexible range of purpose-built rail testers to offer another alternative to larger RFD vehicles. It now includes a small hirail diesel 4WD unit based on arguably the most advanced RFD system available. Developed for networks requiring cost-efficient rail testing

Portable Ultrasonic Testing Gets Clever

Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research(CATER) challenges the current industry standard of short length rail inspection with a creative concept and very effective portable ultrasonic testing system which offers clear benefits for all rail networks. The single wheel probe

Additional Functionality for Effective Surveys

The advanced ULTRAWave MkIII system from Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (CATER) boasts the capability to effectively process five ultrasonic channels for each module incorporating up to 80 channels in each rail flaw detection (RFD) system. Additionally, each ultrasonic be

How to Improve Ultrasonic Testing Performance

Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research(CATER) has released its latest powerful new rail flaw detection (RFD) module that is the base of its range of rail inspection vehicles and portable inspection units. The rail inspection industry understands that the greater the numb

CATER Launches New Refurbished Website

CATER announces the release of a refurbished website to reflect the enhanced capabilities of this forward thinking and experienced rail inspection company. It has built a reputation for comprehensive systems for over a decade in the demanding Japanese market. The new site details the ra

CATER Releases White Paper on Rail UT Method

The Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (CATER) has released a free white paper on the Railway-Technology website. The white paper looks at a set of circumstances that limit the performance of the contact rail UT method. To download this free white paper, c

Rio Tinto Rewards CATER with Terry Palmer Award for Outstanding Innovation

Rio Tinto has awarded the 2010 Terry Palmer Award for outstanding innovation in the workplace to the Pilbara Iron Railways division based in Karratha, Western Australia. The Terry Palmer Award, now in its tenth year, is presented to the team or individual who contributed the most outstanding exam

Rail Audit and Inspection Take on a New Dimension

Two established Australian Rail Inspection companies have combined forces to provide an expanded view of rail networks' assets. Using proven ultrasonic, vision recording, magnetic induction sensing and ground penetrating radar a more complete picture of rail condition is being offered to customer

Dual Role of HANDWave Portable Tester

The HANDWave portable ultrasonic single rail tester, (SRT) released recently by CATER, has generated considerable interest in the UT and NDT industry. This robust unit is the latest commercial development from the Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (CATER). HANDW

HANDWave: Most Powerful Portable UT Tester is Now Available

This month sees the much anticipated release of arguably the most powerful portable ultrasonic tester for rail flaw detection. CATER, an Australian company with over a decade's experience in developing ultrasonic rail flaw detection (RFD) systems, has announced that HANDWave is now available for

Rail Foot Corrosion Identified by ULTRAWave

Corrosion in the foot of the rail is particularly difficult to identify. Despite this difficulty, rail networks need to assess the likelihood of rail damage by identifying the extent of any rail foot corrosion. ULTRAWave is the ultrasonic rail flaw detection system developed by CATER o

Centre for Advanced Transport Engineering and Research (CATER)

Unit 6, 133 Winton Road

Western Australia 6027