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Beena Vision Systems Automatic and Manual Wheel Profile Measurement, Rail Profile and Track Geometry Measurement and Wayside Car Monitoring Systems

Beena Vision Systems is a technology development company that manufactures several innovative products based on non-contact measurement and machine vision technologies for railroad industry.

These products have applications in train monitoring, wayside car component inspection systems, rail profile measurement and track parameter measurement systems. Beena Vision offers both automatic wayside systems and innovative handheld systems to
perform these tasks.

These systems are designed to be rugged, reliable and accurate. Our wayside monitoring systems are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications and our handheld devices are extremely accurate and very easy to operate and maintain.

Beena Vision has an extensive R&D program developing advanced systems for the automatic monitoring of several critical components of freight and passenger cars, bogies and locomotives.


WheelView, with its patented technology, is an in-track wheel profile measurement system that operates at regular track speeds of up to 70mph. WheelView is based on the stereo machine vision technology which offers accurate measurements with minimal
sensitivity for wheel, track and rail variations.

Besides measuring wheel profile and all major wheel parameters, it can also measure other useful wheel and axle parameters such as wheel temperature, back-to-back distance, grooved tread and tracking position.

WheelView takes advantage of extremely efficient algorithms and powerful computers to process wheel data in a very short period of time for fast flaw detection and disaster prevention.

Available in fixed and temporary installation configurations, installation types include fixed concrete based, tie based, and rail-clamped systems for easy installation and removal.


LazerView is a handheld wheel profile measurement system that measures wheel profile using a non-contact laser measurement technique. It measures all important wheel parameters, including the rim thickness. This device uses a truly innovative
technology and offers an unparalleled convenience in measuring, storing, searching and wear analysis of railroad wheel profiles.

The system can also be used to measure back-to-back distance using a non-contact laser distance measurement add-on. LazerView can also be used to measure locomotive wheel diameters using the witness groove.

Instant reports are generated in the field on the PDA screen and can be reviewed by the operator when needed. LazerView can also automatically report defective wheels by comparing its measurements with the pre-specified limits provided by the

LazerView is a truly handheld PDA-based system and is remarkably easy to operate by a single user. The average time to measure a wheel is well below a minute. This can save a considerable amount of operator time and effort and dramatically reduce the
manpower cost.


Similar to LazerView, RailView is a handheld device that can measure rail profiles as well as all relevant track parameters, including cant, gauge, cross-level and track curvature. This device is also a PDA-based non-contact device that does not use
the traditional long track gauge for cross-level and gauge measurement.


BrakeView is a wayside monitoring system designed using machine vision technology to inspect brake shoes and pads. For brake shoe systems, all components are installed at the trackside. Part of the system is installed under the track for brake pad
inspection. The system operates at regular track speeds of up to 70mph.

Several other new car and bogie inspection systems are currently being developed by Beena Vision Systems, Inc.

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Beena Vision Systems, Inc.

645 Hembree Park Drive, Suite K


GA 30076


United States of America

+1 678 597 3156 +1 678 597 0156 www.beenavision.com

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Beena Vision Systems, Inc.

645 Hembree Park Drive, Suite K


GA 30076


United States of America

+1 678 597 3156 +1 678 597 0156 www.beenavision.com

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