New Method of High-Speed Transport Exhibits at InnoTrans 2018

A high-speed unibus, one of the new transportation modules of SkyWay string transport, is displayed to the public for the first time at the International transport exhibition Innotrans 2018.

The trade show will be held at the Berlin Exhibition Center ‘Messe Berlin’ on September 18-21.

The company developer SkyWay Technologies has created and introduces to the market rail transport systems based on the use of ultralight overpasses of a special design. The first models of SkyWay rolling stock, unibus and unibike, were presented at InnoTrans 2016 and the developers have made great progress since then. This year the company presents a completely new development, a high-speed unibus capable to accelerate up to 500km/h.

The novelty is a six-seat high-speed transport module having unique aerodynamic features close to the theoretical limit: its aerodynamic drag factor is Cx = 0.06. The design speed is 500km/h with the energy consumption of 0.93kg/100 passengers × km in fuel equivalent. At 100km/h speed, this consumption rate is less than 0.1kg/100 passengers × km. These figures will be a record for a minor high-speed wheeled vehicle.

SkyWay Technologies will also present at InnoTrans 2018 an eighteen-seat unicar, which has passed the full range of tests and certification, designed for urban passenger traffic at speed up to 150km/h. This vehicle is equipped only with seats; it has an advanced level of comfort and safety. The unicar is the record holder by efficiency in its class: its energy consumption in fuel equivalent is 0.12kg/100 passengers × km (at 100km/h speed).

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