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Innovative Elevated Passenger and Cargo Rail Systems

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SkyWay Technologies develops elevated autonomous high-speed, urban, and freight rail transportation systems with innovative designs, lowering material consumption and costs to deliver a high-performance system.

String-rail transport technology

SkyWay technology is based on an innovative composite rail mounted on a unique pre-stressed string-rail overpass.

The system’s overpass equally distributes force to deliver one and a half times stronger and almost twice as smooth operation as conventional track.

Approximately 90% of the conventional overpass load is its own weight compared with just 10% for a SkyWay overpass from the reduced amount building materials.

SkyWay transport network’s automated control systems incorporate a range of wireless and wired communication programmes established from conventional and electronic technologies, including GPS, computer vision, safety systems and an interworking user interface.

Each aerodynamic wheeled vehicle provides 600kW drive power savings compared with other advanced ground-based transport.

String-rail transport uses lightweight modules and multiple units with traction motors for both passenger and freight transport. Freight modules without motors are hauled by locomotives or traction ropes.

All rolling stock has individual suspension for each wheel with small sidemounted anti-derailment wheels that are similar to a monorail. A modular layout makes the technology suitable for all distances and conditions.

Urban SkyWay transport

Urban SkyWay’s system is a unique string-rail overpass elevated at least 5m above the ground with fully autonomous electrified transport modules.

It can transfer a significant amount of urban traffic above ground level, providing a cost-effective alternative to conventional modes of transport. The system can carry up to 50,000 passengers an hour, with each module travelling at 150km/h.

Solutions are designed to ease traffic congestion, reduce accident rates, increase speed and volume, and cut maintenance costs. The system can connect destinations that include city districts, railway stations, airports, and seaports amongst others.

Transport support for development projects includes connections between city districts and remote areas, stimulates construction and facility market value.

Freight SkyWay cargo transportation

SkyWay freight transport provides haulage for all types of cargo using a string-rail overpass that can also be used for passenger transportation. It is fully autonomous providing effective mobility logistics with full automation in harsh environments, as well as lower costs. Cargo capacity can reach up to 200 million tonnes a year.

SkyWay freight systems can be used at various locations, including factories, plants, mines, and seaports. It allows seaports to be built that extend up to 10km offshore operating in all weather conditions.

It has minimal impact on the landscape as only supporting structures for the suspended line need to be built. Constructed along existing highways, it allows a significant amount of cargo traffic to be moved on an autonomous line reducing traffic congestion.

High-speed SkyWay public transport network

The specially designed string-rail overpass and aerodynamic transport modules allow the SkyWay high-speed network to travel at up to 500km/h in all weather conditions. Vehicles mounted on steel wheels can carry up to a million passengers a day on the intercity service.

High-speed transport solutions are available to provide access to remote areas and expand public and cargo transport networks. The elevated support structure can be built around complex urban structures across all terrain, offering reduced building costs.

EcoTechnoPark showroom and certification

EcoTechnoPark (ETP) is SkyWay’s test site for developing innovative elevated transport technology located near Minsk, Belarus. It ensures ETP products have the latest international certification.

The product showroom tests and develops products displaying transport systems to clients from across the world. ETP aims to constantly expand the facility, with the second stage of the development focusing on a demonstration complex of a high-speed transport system.

The unibus U4-210 and unibike U4-621 models were certified in Russia by LLC to validate the technical features, spare parts and equipment of the electric urban SkyWay transport system according to normative certification documents.

Three models are in process of certification, including the unicar, a large unibus, and unitruck. The certification of the SkyWay high-speed transport system is the next stage of development.

SkyWay Dubai

SkyWay Dubai is as new mode of transportation being developed by SkyWay Technologies in collaboration with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

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