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ASTRA Vagoane Calatori

Long-Distance Passenger Coaches, Saloon Coaches and Sleeping Cars

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ASTRA Vagoane Calatori was founded in 1891, and has continued its activities in the rolling stock manufacturing industry ever since.

Long-distance mainline passenger coaches

Today ASTRA manufactures the AVA200 family of Z-type passenger coaches, which can travel at up to 200km/h and meet UIC 567-2 requirements. Their Y32R bogies are also manufactured also by ASTRA.

AVA200 coaches are fully compliant with UIC leaflets’ requirements and European norms, are long-distance coaches and are used on the main European rail lines for international traffic.

Rail express coaches

All AVA200 express coaches are equipped with HVAC, vacuum toilets, a public address system, a control panel with diagnosis, electric sockets for laptops and other electric equipment, a passenger information system, a video surveillance system, WLAN internet, and a train bus with GPS.

Express passenger saloon coaches

AVA200 ADW express passenger coaches are of a saloon type to suit international traffic. First-class coaches have 58 seats, and second-class coaches 84 seats.

Second-class rail saloon coaches

The AVA200 PRM AEC express carriage is a wholly second-class saloon coach with 76 seats, which complies with TSI and directive 2008-164-CE for persons with reduced mobility. The access system, a special toilet, special reserved places and all necessary indicators ensure comfortable travel for people with reduced mobility.

Rail dining cars

The AVA200 AED dining car has a modern design and is equipped with a kitchen for preparing food and all necessary means for serving the whole train. The car contains a bar area with four seats and a saloon area with 30 seats, to allow passengers to enjoy a comfortable breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

Sleeping cars and amenities

The AVA200 WLAB sleeping car is used for international traffic and ensures particular comfort for both night and day travel. The coach has a steward compartment, four A-class compartments with two berths and six B-class compartments with three berths.

Each A-class compartment has a small bathroom equipped with sink, vacuum toilet and shower. Each B class compartment is equipped with a sink. Between two neighbouring A and B compartments is a lockable door that can be opened if both compartments are reserved by a single party, useful for families with children or for business travel purposes.

160km/hr rail passenger coaches

In order to ensure modern and comfortable travelling conditions for regional traffic and on secondary lines, ASTRA developed the InterRegio project. The starting point of InterRegio was the necessity to modernise old fleets of passenger coaches, especially in Eastern European countries.

ASTRA needed to ensure that replacement coaches met all requirements with regard to modern standards. Special attention was paid, regarding these new coaches, to fulfilling the safety and cross-border acceptance criteria issued by ERA, which are practically impossible to fulfil when simply modernising old coaches. However, this had to be achieved at a very reasonable price (one at the same level as for modernising existing coaches).

Starting from all these premises, ASTRA designed and manufactured the 160km/hr InterRegio Type 1 and Type 2 coaches.

Modern first-class and second-class passenger coaches

All InterRegio coaches meet UIC 567 requirements and are equipped with 160km/hr Y32R bogies. They have all necessary facilities for modern travel, being equipped with HVAC, vacuum toilets, a public address system, an electric panel with diagnosis, and electric sockets, as well as additional options including WLAN internet, video surveillance and special equipment for cross-border traffic.

InterRegio type 1 AEE coaches have a length between buffers of 24,500mm and a length between bogie centres of 17,100mm. The first class InterRegio coaches have 52 seats, and second class InterRegio coaches have 76 seats.

InterRegio type 2 AEE coaches have a length between buffers of 26,400mm and a length between bogie centres of 19,000mm. The first class InterRegio coaches have 58 seats, and second class InterRegio coaches have 84 seats.

ASTRA to Exhibit at InnoTrans 2010

ASTRA is preparing for it's fifth consecutive participation at the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, INNOTRANS, in Berlin, Germany. Every two years, this event succeeds to bring together hundreds of exhibiting companies from all over the world and tens of thousands of s

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