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Electronic Control Systems for Passenger and Industrial Railways

128a Malysheva Street,
620078 Other,

128a Malysheva Street,
620078 Other,

Promelectronica research and production (R&P) centre is one of the key Russian suppliers of innovative electronic control systems for main and industrial railways.

It develops, produces and installs modern systems and solutions for train safety, from trackside equipment to rail traffic-control systems.

The portfolio of developments contains more than 20 systems and devices. The most significant are:

  • Computer-based interlocking
  • Microprocessor interlocking systems
  • Axle-counting systems
  • Level-crossing protection systems
  • Microprocessor semi-automatic block systems
  • Train control systems

All systems conform to Russian safety requirements and CENELEC SIL 4.

Computer-based interlocking

Computer-based interlocking (CBI) is designed for stations providing all kinds of train and shunting operations. CBI is intended for construction of new and reconstruction of existing electrical interlocking systems. Advanced communication facilities and flexible design allow the system to be integrated into adjacent railway automatic systems, use different communication networks, and create cost-effective system configurations for stations.

The system's circuit design, programme and structural solutions minimise implementation and maintenance costs. It is also one of the most space-saving interlocking systems available: if there is no space to construct a control tower, the equipment can be located in a transportable module or existing buildings.

Axle-counting systems

Our axle-counting systems are designed for vacancy (occupancy) detection of track sections of any complexity and configuration at stations, station-to-station blocks and shunting yards. They ensure train-operation safety and considerably increase traffic capacity on block sections with minimal expenses.

They are used both for low-density tracks where reduction of maintenance costs is required, and high-density tracks where high response rate and protection over the influence of electromagnetic rail brakes and eddy-current brakes are required.

Our axle-counting systems solve the problems of track sections with low ballast resistance. Vandal-proof, they have an operating temperature range of -60°C up to +85°C.

Microprocessor semi-automatic block systems

Our microprocessor semi-automatic block systems are designed for construction of new, and modernisation of existing, semi-automatic block systems on low-density track sections, and can be used to replace relay block systems. Automatic block posts increase the capacity of the track section.

They allow control of trains coming into the section, and railway vacancy control may be executed both with in-built facilities (axle-counting method with trackside equipment) and external track-section control facilities.

Unlike relay block systems, our microprocessor semi-automatic block systems can transmit block signals not only through physical connection lines but also through fibre-optic lines, multiplex cable lines and radio channels.

Level-crossing protection systems

Our level-crossing protection systems increase train and motor vehicle safety at crossings, reduce maintenance costs and decrease the cost of replacing outdated signalling arrangements. An absence of track circuits allows a reduction in operational costs and losses from plundering copper-containing elements.

The system's protection devices ensure that by the time the train approaches the level crossing, any road vehicles are off the crossing. It can also control all existing level-crossing signalling devices: level-crossing light signals, audio signalling, barriers of all types, blocking units, control panels and obstruction devices. The system structure allows the development of systems with full physical redundancy.

All components in our level-crossing protection systems are duplicated, providing increased safety. The reliability of the system is ensured by the use of a modern element base with built-in firmware of self-diagnostics. All information regarding the inner state of components is continuously submitted to external monitoring systems.

The systems can be used on railways both with and without block signalling systems, and with any kind of traction.

Train control systems

One of the current developments of Promelectronica is a train control system using a radio channel. Using a radio channel, it is designed for continuous transmission of data to the cab about line sections ahead that are occupied, with due consideration of the position of switches and light-signal aspects.

This system will provide reduced succession time and increased train speed along the section, as well as lower operating costs. It will also allow further development regarding train-interval control systems, including coordinate-based train control.

JSC R&P Centre Promelectronica

128a Malysheva Street