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'Intelligent Signalling Solutions' , Unit 46, Newington Technology Park , 8 Avenue of the Americas , Newington NSW 2127, Australia

'Intelligent Signalling Solutions' , Unit 46, Newington Technology Park , 8 Avenue of the Americas , Newington NSW 2127, Australia

Oviso Rail is a leading provider of specialist railway signalling services to rail infrastructure and private companies worldwide. We provide clients with a complete set of professional skills for the development, design, verification and validation, principles testing, commissioning and certification of signalling systems.

Our range of services through fully competent IRSE-licensed engineers are focused on four core activities:

  • Signalling scheme and concept development
  • Design, checking and verification of signalling circuits, logic and data
  • Verification and validation testing of CBI and RRI interlockings
  • Design, testing and commissioning of level crossings

Railway signalling systems

When developing a scheme with our client, our attitude and approach allows us to think outside of the box whilst still maintaining all the integrity a signalling system requires.

Our clients benefit from our experience in concept design and our versatility to look at problems from a different perspective, from initial development stages to the life of the scheme.

Railway signalling design, checking and verification

Our in-house design, checking and verification capability is extensive. All our engineers are IRSE-licensed and competent to our client’s requirements.

We are proficient in relay circuits and CBI including Microlok, Westrace, SSI and Westlock. Our team is fully capable in all aspects of signalling design and can provide solutions to fit our client’s requirements.

Railway signalling and validation testing

Our comprehensive testing capability offers clients extensive solutions in verification and validation testing, principles testing and functional testing. We can provide testing for both existing and new installations, from simple alterations to complex interlockings.

Our in-house testing simulators allow us to provide a complete solution from design through to verification and validation testing.

Design, verification and testing of level crossings

Our team of engineers are fully competent in all aspects of design, verification and testing of grade crossing predictor (GCP) and RRI level crossings. We have commissioned a large number of level crossings and pride ourselves on providing the highest level of competence in this complex area of railway signalling.

Principles testing, function testing and design support for the railway industry

Our dedicated team provide the required skills at commissionings to undertake principles testing, function testing and design support. All of our engineers have been extensively involved in major commissionings throughout Australia and overseas.

Oviso Rail brings a wealth of experience and unique attitude to railway signalling. Our clients benefit from our expert skills, professionalism and customer-focused approach, and in the knowledge that the complete integrity of the system is being designed and tested to the highest level.

Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) Line

The Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) Line is a 51km railway that will connect Sungai Buloh, north-west of Kuala Lumpur, with Kajang in the south-east, while passing through the densely populated centre of the federal capital.

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'Intelligent Signalling Solutions'

Unit 46, Newington Technology Park

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