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Artboard Lightweight Composite Products for Railway Interiors

Artboard specialises in the development, manufacturing and sales of fibre-reinforced composite panels to the railway industry. The vision of the company is to offer composite material solutions that surpass customers’ expectations in terms of fire resistance, moisture resistance and technological performance.

The goal of the company is to offer a combination of cutting-edge technology as well as comprehensive design and engineering capabilities. Artboard offers consulting services with technical support based on knowledge and experience.

Lightweight, fire-resistant glass fibre-reinforced composite panels

Artboard – RECORE offers a variety of fibre reinforced panels with different types of resin. The products combine strength, low weight and fire safety in the same material.

Artboard’s panels are manufactured by laminating a number of foam composite fibre layers to a suitable thickness by compression moulding. The main components of the foam layers are thermosetting plastic and fibreglass. This material composition gives the panel low weight, high stiffness, dimensional stability,and resistance to moisture, fire and chemicals.

The products can be divided into three groups according to final applications: air ducts composite material, floor panels for railway vehicles and 3D curved panels for railway interior (haunches, driver cabin wall, ceiling panels, side walls, wall claddings and doors).

The products can also be divided into three groups according to the resin used to achieve the desired product properties: phenolic resin, silica resin and melamine resin.

Floor panels for all railway vehicles

Artboard Light Floor panels represents a third generation of lightweight floor panels. With many improvements in core and skin technology, this new generation of floor panels have excellent mechanical properties, such as flexural modulus of elasticity, compression strength, fire resistance, moisture resistance, assembly possibilities and many others. Some significant benefits of the new design include excellent thermal and acoustical properties.

Fire resistance is also improved in the remaining mechanical properties in high-temperature areas. Artboard Light Floor panels are made from a phenolic glass fibre reinforced structure with different types of glass fibre weave. Mechanical properties are achieved with specific fibre type and orientation.

Crash-safe and maximum vibration absorption floors

Floating Floor is a design solution for increasing passenger comfort and ensuring enough support surface for absorption materials, increasing passenger comfort, offering tolerance on different main frame designs and offering full vibration isolation with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) approach. No additional connection elements, such as screws, are needed between floor panel and main (sub) frame.

About Artboard

Artboard was founded by Lars Henning and Tore Andersson in 1984. Today, Lars Henning as owner and managing director of Artboard AB, is the leader of successful engineers with extensive expertise in the area of fibre composites.

Artboard’s products, established on the international railway market, are highly suitable for the interior components of railway vehicles. The manufacturing and R&D operations are run in the modern manufacturing unit in Timrå. During 2012, Artboard made considerable investments in its technological base. The company has positioned itself for continued growth in the future.

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Press Release

Artboard to Showcase Products at Innotrans 2014

Meet the leading company in lightweight and fire-resistant composite products for the railway market!

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Lightweight and Fire-Resistant Composite Products

The innovative design of the Floating Floor solution for marine and railway industry offers customers many benefits such as excellent vibration absorption, increased passenger safety and easy assembly procedure.

Artboard AB

Årvältsväegen 14

8631 Timrå


+46 60 671 230 +46 60 671 231 +46 60 576 871 www.artboard.se

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Press Release

11 September 2014

Meet the leading company in lightweight and fire-resistant composite products for the railway market!

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Regional Offices

Artboard AB

Årvältsväegen 14

8631 Timrå


+46 60 671 230 +46 60 671 231 +46 60 576 871 www.artboard.se
Artboard - Shanghai office

Sail Tower 12F, 266 Hankou Road

200001 Shanghai


Yu Guirong +86 21 52 287 153 +86 13 66 165 6668

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