Trantek MST

On-Board PA, Emergency Call Box and LED Systems

Unit 3, 99-101 Anzac Avenue, West Ryde, NSW 2114, Australia

Unit 3, 99-101 Anzac Avenue, West Ryde, NSW 2114, Australia

Trantek MST supplies fault-resilient control and management solutions for the railway industry.

The company manufactures and provides products for trains, stations, terminals and control rooms. It also offers software platforms for passenger information and management systems.

With manufacturing partners in Australia, Brazil and Germany, Trantek MST delivers solutions to rolling stock manufacturers and system integrators worldwide.

On-board passenger information systems for railways

Trantek MST’s AMT-5 on-board passenger information system includes public address and emergency intercoms, as well as next-destination displays connected by a two-wire controller area network (CAN) network.

The AMT-5’s public address system offers speakers with built-in amplifiers, communication and audio processing units. It also provides background noise-sensing microphones that can convert into a continuous closed-loop system during announcements.

Trantek MST’s information product suite benefits from high fault tolerance and adaptability for system design and configuration, as well as enables continuous and flexible fault checking.

The architecture’s intercoms, displays, and discrete inputs and outputs operate within a network that supports multiple redundant paths and continuously active command and control devices.

Self-amplified, interconnected speakers for trains

The AMT-5 architecture includes individual self-amplified speakers directly connected to a network. The speakers are connected dynamically throughout the network to form zones. Any audio that is streamed on the network is tagged to a designated group, and only group members are able to reproduce it.

A group may consist of an arbitrary number of speakers or PIP devices either nearby or in disparate locations, such as a ‘door’ group comprising speakers near a doorway. The group can cover a single speaker or PIP device, or multiple speakers on-board a train.

Each device is individually addressed on the network, so there is no need for zoned amplifiers or additional cabling.

As part of the architecture, intercoms can be used as a single or two-way device as part of a public address zone.

AMT allows several controlling nodes to simultaneously broadcast audio or receive calls from PIPs. The system dynamically allocates the optimum network path for control nodes.

Flexible, easy-to-use train communication systems

The AMT architecture provides an on-board flexible communication system as an alternative to traditional digital / analogue solutions.

The system also provides simpler wiring arrangements and dynamic health monitoring.

It decreases project risks by accommodating multiple zones and project requirements without any changes in hardware.

AMT-5 elements can automatically be discovered in networks, while non-AMT-5 devices can be integrated using the various AMT-5 gateway options available.

Management system for analog switches and digital CCTV networks

Trantek MST’s VMT-5 products are used to control analog switches and digital closed circuit television (CCTV) networks, as well as connect different CCTV switching environments.

VMT-5 supports CCTV keyboards, including the GE ImpacNet, the Pacom / Pelco-P, the Bosch Intuikey and the Pelco ASCII.

It works with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) protocols, such as the Bosch Audodome, GE Calibur, Elbex, Kalatel ASCII, and Pelco-D and Pelco-P.

The VMT-5 supports Bosch and Sigura encoders and decoders, as well as Pelco-ASCII and Pelco-P analog switcher protocols.

The system offers programmatic access through application programme interfaces (API), including open platform communications (OPC).

Clock displays and networked time servers

Trantek MST manufactures clock displays and networked time servers

Timeapp displays are available in light-emitting diode (LED) and liquid crystal display (LCD) versions for trains, stations and control rooms.

The company’s Timeapp server supports network time protocol (NTP) and IEEE 1588v2, and takes a time signal from either an integrated global positioning system (GPS) receiver or other network-based time servers.

Trantek MST

Unit 3, 99-101 Anzac Avenue

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