New Macey is an Australian manufacturer of waterproof electrical connectors. The company was founded in 1999 and operates from the Hunter Valley of NSW. It specialises in the design of one-off solutions for new carriages and modernising obsolete connectors on existing trains. Our products are used in harsh environmental conditions including water, dust, saline conditions and acid washes, making them ideal for the rail industry.

The company places a heavy emphasis on R&D, with approximately 20% of its turnover devoted to the development of innovations in connector technology. Many of these have been granted Australian and international patents and the company has been recognised in the Australian Technology Showcase and various manufacturing awards for its innovations in coupler design.

Inter-car plate couplers for railway systems

A patented range of plate couplers has been added to our product offerings. These allow all power, data, communications and safety circuits to be incorporated into the one connector. Each is a separate plug or receptacle module that can be individually replaced without removing the plate coupler from a carriage. The couplers are mounted under carriage draw bars and allow sets to be separated and rejoined in a matter of moments. They can operate under their design electrical loads while being fully submerged in water.

New Macey plate couplers were used in the outer suburban carriages built for RailCorp by United Group Rail. These proved to be highly reliable and met customer requirements for safe and quick inter-car coupling.

Waterproof inter-car connectors that resist oils, dust water and acids.
Four plug plate coupler.
Double camlock power jumper.
30 pin communications plug.
Retractable shore supply unit.

Camlock power jumpers

Power circuits between rail carriages are either hard wired or joined with some form of plug. If hard wired, carriage separation requires specialist tradesmen and there is a high potential for errors. Traditional plugs can be too fragile or they may be too heavy, causing OH&S concerns. New Macey jumpers use the well tested Camlock coupling system. Plugs and receptacles are separated by a rubber gasket seal which is compressed with coupling levers. This gives a secure and waterproof connection.

Receptacles use high quality silver plated multiple wire or beryllium copper lamella sockets. These significantly reduce the force required to connect to plugs and give positive contact along the full length of terminal pins. Allowable current densities are higher than normal solid sockets, reducing heat generation.

Rail communications plugs and receptacles

The same Camlock technology is also used to connect communications and signal circuits between carriages. The number of pins and sockets can be varied between one and seventy, depending on the needs of the rail customer. Receptacles can be provided with hinged or loose covers, and parking receptacles are supplied for hard wired jumpers.

Shore supplies for railway workshops

The company manufactures normal shore supply leads and motorised retractable shore supply units used in railway workshops and maintenance facilities. The latter ensure that trip hazards are reduced by automatically retracting power leads when they are not being used. The units have warning lights for in-service operation, overload protection, electronic monitoring equipment for measuring voltages, currents, power factors, power consumption, etc.

A further innovation was the development of a poly-urethane plug and socket that disconnects if a train drives out still connected to a shore supply lead.

Refurbished jumper cables for railways

The service life of many trains means that original equipment suppliers may no longer be in the market or their designs may have been superseded by modern materials and technologies. New Macey can re-engineer components that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer so they are fully compatible with existing fittings, yet are brought up to contemporary engineering standards.

These include starter jumpers, fully sealed standard 44 pin communications jumpers, inter-car designs based on old British mining plugs, etc. Whatever the needs, we will design a customised solution.

New Macey also distributes items such as heat shrink and fault location equipment, and we are the exclusive agent for New Plymouth cable repair tapes.