ABSOPULSE Electronics has recently released the PFC 319-D4 Series of IP66-rated AC-DC power supplies with active power factor correction (PFC).

The units are designed for heavy-duty applications that require protection from the ingress of water, fog, sand, metal dust, dust, oil, insects and other contaminants.  The power supplies are suitable for use in transportation, heavy industry, power generation and distribution, telecom, mining, marine and other severe environments.

The PFC 319-D4 units deliver up to 500W continuous output power. They use active power factor correction to convert a universal ac-input voltage (95V to 264Vac) to 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc or 125Vdc. Custom input/output voltages available on request. An optional built-in redundancy diode allows for parallel and N+1 operation.

The PFC 319-D4 power supplies are enclosed in compact die cast aluminium IP66-rated packages.  The input and output have sealed cable glands, circular connectors or custom connections.  Special vents ensure that pressure inside the enclosures is equalized and that the environmental seal remains impermeable.  The D4 packages measure 230 x 113 x 448 mm (dimensions include mounting flanges and baseplate).

The power supplies are rated for operation over a -25ºC to 50ºC temperature range for full specification. Wider temperature ranges are available as an option. They are cooled by internal conduction to the walls of the IP66-rated enclosure and by base plate to an external chassis or cabinet wall. Additional convection occurs through the outside surface.

The PFC 319-D4 units comply with the EN61000-3-2 directive for low input harmonic distortion. They also comply with EN/UL60950-1 and equivalent UL and CSA international safety standards. Filtering on the input and output contributes to low output ripple and noise. The input meets EN55032 Class A with wide margins; Class B is available on request. Electronic protection includes 4300Vdc input-output isolation, inrush current limiting, rectangular current limiting with short-circuit protection on the output, thermal self-resetting shutdown.