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Rail Car Interior Design and Manufacture

2/4, building 19,
Luzhnetskaya Quay,
Suite #115,
119270 Russia

2/4, building 19,
Luzhnetskaya Quay,
Suite #115,
119270 Russia

The Fenix Group Company was founded in 2001 by a group of professional Russian and American designers and engineers.

The main directions of our activity is the development and manufacture of interiors and elements of internal furnish for transport – railway carriages of all types, sea crafts and river boats, and passenger planes.

The head office of the Fenix Group Company is in Moscow, and the design office and the basic production facilities, where design projects and the design documentation are developed, are located in an industrial zone of Novorossiysk city.

Turnkey rail carriage interior design and manufacture

The Fenix Group Company uses a turnkey basis for our customer. Turnkey means that we handle practically everything at our facilities; from design project, engineering blueprints, all drawing in 2-D and 3-D using the latest designing software, tooling, sewing, welding, metal bending, painting, and the manufacture of any type of interior components for transportation, including final installation and maintenance services.

Full warranty is provided for every product we manufacture.

Rail car interior development and creation

We are pioneers of modern design and new technologies in manufacture of interiors for the Russian rail network.

Over the years the Fenix Group Company has conceptually developed new approaches and decisions by development and creations of interiors of interregional, cars, dining-cars and sleeping cars.

Now in its own production the company serially produces car paneling sets and interiors for passenger cars of different class, dining-cars and interregional cars. Our company has built an extra 7,500 m2 of manufacturing space to produce more seats as well as fiber glass (RTM) parts and components.

The Fenix Group Company is certified by IQ Net (Switzerland) by European and Russian certification standards  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and EN 15085.

We deal with all car-repair and car-building plants of Russia and CIS.

Interiors for underground cars and overland rail cars

The Transport Design Company has developed the prototype of a new underground car corresponding to modern requirements of ergonomics, comfort and safety of passengers.

The company has also developed a new concept in designing furniture for sleeping cars. New rising mechanisms of berths have also been constructed. Our innovative redesigned sleeper saloon is intended not only to improve characteristics, but also to increase the functionality and comfort of the interior as a whole.

We can offer any design and any color of an interior and furniture configuration in car saloon.

The furniture, upholstery of seats, wall panels are made of the modern materials having official, sanitary-higienic and fire certificates.

Plastic and fiber glass RTM wall and ceiling panels

Completely new materials are necessary for creation of essentially new interiors and details of carriages and dining-cars. Also, our company manufactures from many types of materials including thermoforming plastic, all types of fiber glass including RTM, and we have the necessary machinery and equipment to manufacture according to Russian and European standards.

Interiors design

Our company does complete three-dimensional modeling of entire design-projects or just components down to the smallest detail for our clients. We also provide offer the customer a wide choice of variants of stylistic furnishing and interior component colors. A very important aspect to designing a well organized layout, using modernized furnishing and materials increases its durability and allows optimal space usage.

Every year, various prototypes of train car interiors and components are built at our facilities.

Green Line LRT, Calgary

The Green Line is a light rail transit (LRT) line planned for the city of Calgary in Canada to serve an estimated 41 million passengers a year.


2/4, building 19

Luzhnetskaya Quay


Suite #115



The Fenix Group Company

3 Sofievskaya