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36 Stonebridge Gate, Ripon, HG4 1TP, North Yorkshire,Other, United Kingdom

36 Stonebridge Gate, Ripon, HG4 1TP, North Yorkshire,Other, United Kingdom

Founded in 1775, T&R Williamson is believed to be the oldest family-operated paint manufacturer still in existence worldwide. Since its inception, it has strived to maintain an individual identity and continues to trade from its base in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Retaining its position at the forefront of locomotive paint technology, Williamson’s still manufactures a diverse range of specialist paint, varnishes and lacquers for many different markets. The extensive colour library and archive database at T&R Williamson is second to none.


The railway industry plays an important role in Williamson’s past, and indeed, the company still manufactures many of the traditional oil-based primers and finishes used on Britain’s rolling stock today. Advancements in technology have led the company to develop more durable coatings, such as two-pack acrylics and two-pack polyurethane finishes.

Anti-graffiti coatings both for buildings and vehicles now play a huge role in the company’s future. The continued development of anti-corrosive paints and primers give additional protection to areas of the rail vehicles which are subject to corrosion problems, such as the chassis under frame and wheel sets.


Changes in legislation have led to a new range of compliant coatings, which includes high-solids coatings in both two pack and single pack. A range of water-based primers is now also readily available, again, both in two pack and single pack. Keeping ahead of the changes, T&R Williamson is well prepared for the changes in VOC legislation that have recently taken place, as well as any future industry developments.


The range of paints and coatings for railway application available from Williamson’s exceeds its wide range of coatings for rolling stock. The company’s building maintenance products for both internal and external use include Shelseal AW (a waterproof roofing membrane), along with a range of heavy-duty floor coatings. A range of coatings for steelwork, such as railway bridges, signal boxes and rail-side electrical boxes, all add to the huge range of specialist coatings available.


Quick air-drying enamels, primers and undercoats are widely used within the rail industry for maintenance work on plants and machinery.
The mastercraft range of industrial products adds an extra dimension to the products already available within the rail industry. Included in this portfolio is a range of decorative coatings, which includes emulsions, glosses and undercoats for office refurbishment.


Records listing coach and rail colours date back to the days of the first motorised road vehicle and indeed, with the huge history between T&R Williamson and the railway industry worldwide, the company has built a very impressive list of rail fleet colours as far afield as Kenya, Peru and China; as well as supplying the extensive list of British railway fleet colours.


All of Williamson’s products are manufactured to its own high specification formulated in a laboratory in Ripon. Its product range is vast and covers all aspects of the railway industry, including rolling stock, steel structures, building maintenance and specialist anti-graffiti coatings.

Technical assistance is readily available on any of the product ranges, which include transpeed, mastercraft, sheltec and specialist coatings. T&R Williamson will provide a solution to meet your specific requirements.

T&R Williamson Uploads Free White Paper about its Rail Paints and Coatings

T&R Williamson, a company at the forefront of rail locomotive paint technology, has uploaded a free-to-download white paper detailing its range of railway paints, varnishes, lacquers and coatings. The company's paints and coatings include anti-corrosive train paints; water-based train

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