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Asset Management Solutions for Rail Vehicles and Infrastructure

5466 AC Veghel,
The Netherlands,

Oxplus asset management for rail

OXplus creates and delivers asset management strategies to optimise costs, performance and operations for railway companies.

The company deals with complex assets and high-compliancy demands to industry standards such as ISO 55000 and PAS55.

Asset management solutions for rail vehicles

OXplus delivers solutions to manage all rail asset types such as rolling stock, rail-infra (track), electrification, signalling, communications, stations, crossings, depots equipment and tools.

Processes include maintenance, revision and overhaul, fleet management, engineering, support, contract and spare part management, purchasing, finance and operations.

Clients include rail operators, asset owners, and service providers or maintainers.

Rail maintenance, consultancy and engineering services

OXplus focuses on the transportation and rail-infra industry and covers business consulting, reliability engineering, project management and programme management.

This includes enterprise asset management (EAM), computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), asset management system (AMS) solutions, including application consulting, integration and programming services, hosting and analytics.

OXplus has developed a best practice maintenance maturity model and implementation procedure, comprising a structured assessment for definition, monitoring a strategy for asset management and applying organisation alignment with the required level of (ICT) automation.

Mobile-enabled asset management systems

OXplus delivers and implements a high-quality asset management solution based on IBM Maximo, a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) software specifically developed for asset management and asset-intensive industries.

The company’s best practises from the transportation and rail industry has been applied and configured in the AMS system, which provides clients with a high return on investment (ROI).

The AMS’s specific transportation modules can be easily integrated with other systems, including financial and purchase applications, building information modelling (BIM), SCADA, timetable applications, geographical information systems (GIS) and real-time monitoring (RTM) solutions.

The AMS can also be made available on smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

The whole solution suite fully supports fleet and infrastructure asset managers in their strategy.

Lifecycle management of rail assets

OXplus looks at the whole asset lifecycle and defines the criteria to manage them against requirements for high reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS). This involves the setup of best practice asset configuration management and maintenance in order to run an optimal lifecycle costing (LCC) programme.

The company covers full end-to-end asset management process designs and / or re-engineering, asset investment planning (AIP), asset performance management (APM), RAMS, reliability-centred maintenance (RCM), failure mode, effect and criticality analysis (FMECA), EAM / CMMS selection and software implementations.

About OXplus

OXplus is based in the Netherlands and services many customers around the world.

With clients such as Siemens and Bombardier, as well as running projects in China, Middle East and Europe, the company consistently looks for challenging assignments with operators, owners, service providers and maintainers wishing to improve their asset management strategy.

OXplus’s advisers and business consultants are experienced in the transportation, rail-infra and engineering industries, making them a highly competent and trusted partner.

Asset Performance Management Assessment

OXplus optimises your asset performance management (APM). APM is the methodology to analyse risks of assets, mitigate these risks and establish a controlled process to optimise operational performance.

Oxplus at European Maximo Rail Summit 2016

The 2016 edition of the European Maximo Rail summit was hosted by the Dutch Railways (NS) in Utrecht on 20-21 of June. The location of the event was the NS Trefpunt, a recreated railway station including train units inside the headquarters.

Eisenhowerweg 14E

5466 AC Veghel

The Netherlands