MRX Technologies is a Perth-based engineering company and has been operating within the railway industry since 1996. We develop, design and build advanced industrial measurement and control equipment, mostly for heavy-haul and passenger railways in Australia and other parts of the world.

With our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the rail industry, we have applied our engineering expertise to developing a range of innovative and technologically advanced rail solutions, including client-specific consultancy services.

Rail and vehicle measurement and monitoring equipment

The MRX monitoring systems are designed to acquire, collate and automatically analyse information from various sources which enhance our customers’ ability to manage maintenance, planning and engineering tasks.

Additionally, the high measurement accuracy and precision afforded by our solution provides the customer with ability to integrate the tasks of condition based maintenance, risk minimisation and long-term planning.

Wheel, brake and collector shoe wear measurement installation.
Overhead wire measurement.
External passenger information display.

Our solutions extend over an array of rail vehicle monitoring, rail track and infrastructure monitoring, and passenger information systems.

Rail vehicle equipment monitoring system

MRX Technologies provides a range of rail vehicle monitoring solutions, which enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of vehicle maintenance. These solutions include:

  • Wheel profile measurement
  • Brake pad / block wear measurement
  • Brake disc wear measurement
  • Wheel tread damage including RCF measurement
  • Pantograph carbon wear measurement
  • Collector shoe wear measurement
  • Sliding wheel detection
  • Gauge infringement detection (out of gauge)

Automated rail infrastructure monitoring systems

Rail infrastructure condition and its maintenance are critical for safe and effective rail operations. MRX Technologies provides a range of infrastructure monitoring solutions.

Our automated systems provide objective measurement and monitoring of rail infrastructure. The integration of these measurements into maintenance information systems provides maintenance planners with tools for evaluating maintenance efficiencies and review maintenance frequencies and strategies.

Rail track and structure inspection and monitoring

MRX has solutions for the inspection and monitoring of track and structures, including:

  • Track geometry
  • Structure gauge profiling
  • Ballast profile measurement
  • Platform measurement
  • Mast detection
  • Rail surface crack measurement
  • Rail profile measurement system
  • Corrugation measurement.
  • Ultrasonic rail flaw detection

MRX Technologies also provides two solutions for overhead wire measurements: instrumented pantograph and non-contact overhead measurement.

Rail video inspection

The MRX video inspection system (MVIS) has the capacity to record multi-channel video streams with the ability to analyse the data to detect rail features and anomalies such as missing clips, bolts, etc.

Integrated communications passenger information and security system

MRX’s internal communication system incorporates state-of-the-art network communications and digital video recording techniques to provide an integrated communications passenger information and security system. This helps in increasing safety levels and providing operators with CCTV and passenger information systems. These systems include:

  • Hearing aid loop amplifiers
  • Passenger information displays
  • Public address systems
  • Passenger help point
  • Crew intercom

MRX Technologies has also developed other technologies to support the rail industry that provide cost-effective and accurate information to personnel, thus assisting with maintenance, safety and rail network coordination. These systems include asset monitoring vehicles and transponder location systems.

Customised train consultancy services

We provide customised consultancy services in train simulation studies, optimised train handling and instrumentation investigation, thus providing the client with ways and means to achieve systems optimisation and adding value to existing assets.

MRX Technologies provides its clients with customised solutions for rail, track and infrastructure monitoring, and ensures that the products and services provided are of exceptional quality and meet customer requirements.