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Railway Suspension Systems

With its cutting-edge technology and broad range of capabilities, Continental is globally known as a mobility expert, serving the needs of the worldwide railway market.

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With its cutting-edge technology and broad range of capabilities, Continental is globally known as a mobility expert, serving the needs of the worldwide railway market.

Complete mobility technology for the railway industry

As technology experts, we are continuously working on new, improved and innovative products and service solutions in the railway segment to complete our offer for railway costumers worldwide.

Continental develops trendsetting mobility concepts and tests each of its developments under authetic and real-life conditions in its certified testing laboratories. This is essential to guarantee maximum performance under extreme strain such as heat, cold or high speed.

Our new company-wide business and innovation platform enables and facilitates collaboration of all Continental divisions with partners in the railway sector. In addition, we use our global customer focus through an on-site presence in all important markets.

Together as ‘one Continental’, our business units combine the company’s expertise in automotive, rubber, sensorics, and services applications. We are shaping the future of mobility and have the possibility to open new tracks for innovations in the railway business.

Advanced railway mobility technologies and solutions

In our world the presence of topics and trends such as population growth, connectivity and globalisation are main drivers for change.

The increase in international trade and the emergence of mega cities require new concepts for safe, efficient, sustainable and comfortable transport solutions. Railway transport will be furthermore of growing importance.

That is why our experts are working on new, improved transport solutions for people and goods. Continental provides products for original equipment manufacturers within the railway market, as well as the aftermarket worldwide.

We offer complex solutions combined with an individual expert consultancy. Products by Continental are durable, reliable and safe. They are designed for driving comfort, less maintenance time and mininmal abrasion.

Cameras and radar sensors for train driver alerts

With the knowledge of applications also in automotive and other industries, Coninental works on radar sensors and cameras that could help in reducing the number of serious or even fatal accidents in urban rail traffic.

Cameras can be used to detect obstacles that are difficult to recognise such as pedestrians, cyclists or crossing vehicles. They can send information directly to the train driver through visual signals, including head-up displays, or initiate automated braking.

For more efficiency and sustainability Continental has lighter products such as air springs and surface materials for the rail transport. They reduce weight and the energy needed to drive the vehicle.

Continental contributes development, technological and solution expertise from the automotive sector and other key industries.

About Continental

For more than 90 years, Continental has been providing products designed to offer increased safety, comfort and fire protection in high-speed, local, regional and goods trains, as welll as reducing rail traffic noise. The technology company collaborates across divisions on products, systems and service solutions for passenger compartments, driver workplaces, drive units, bogies and railway vehicle bodies. For more information, fill out the enquiry form on this page.

West Coast Main Line

The modernisation of the 399-mile (641.6km) rail route between London and Glasgow and its key divergences to Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, was the largest rail project to date in the UK.

Docklands Light Railway Capacity Upgrade

Since opening in 1987, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) has been central to the regeneration of east London. Now its significance is far greater than originally envisaged.

Amsterdam Metro / Light Rail Network by GVB

The largest single order for new-generation light rail vehicles was placed by the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, as part of a major exercise to replace its antiquated fleet of 234 trams, which have become increasingly unreliable.

Guangzhou Metro

Guangzhou Metro is a light rail transit system in the city of Guanghzou (formerly known as Canton) in China. It is the fourth metro system to be introduced in Mainland China.

East Coast Main Line (ECML), Edinburgh to London

An upgrading programme for the 393-mile (632km) East Coast Main Line (ECML) route between London and Edinburgh, and its key divergences serving Leeds, Bradford and Glasgow, was thrust into a new context during 2007.


Boosted by hosting the 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona on Spain's north-east coast has continued to grow in reputation and

Amsterdam Metro North-South Line

Dutch capital Amsterdam is midway through the Noord-Zuidlijn construction project, a new north-south metro line. To be d

VAL Mini-Metro Line

Rennes is a small city in Western France, but with a population of just under half a million is Brittany's largest dwell

Continental Supports High-Speed Rail Project in Florida with Air Springs

Rail transport in the US is also being expanded outside major cities with millions of inhabitants. An example of this is the Brightline intercity express passenger rail project that will ultimately connect Miami and Orlando. Continental air springs will also travel with the high-speed trains used, providing a pleasantly comfortable ride, even at top speeds of 200km/h.

Continental Products Improve Safety in Railway Transportation

In the Italian rail vehicle industry, special importance is attached to fire protection in rail vehicles. In the current original equipment manufacturer projects in the area of subway and regional trains, fulfillment of European standard EN 45545 is mandatory to the very highest level.

Continental Supports Expansion of Public Transport in Poland

Whether Warsaw or Gdansk, Poznan or Wrocław, public transport in Poland's large cities is gathering pace over the next few years. In addition to the expansion of the route network, numerous new vehicles will be contributing to the attractiveness of city center metro and tram systems.

Suspension Systems and Mounts from ContiTech Reduce Noise in Railway Transportation

Whether goods or passenger transportation, route operators, rail vehicle manufacturers, and politicians all want one thing: low-noise railway transportation. ContiTech has been addressing this matter for some time now and is involved in research projects aimed at reducing noise levels in rail transportation. The specialist in air springs already offers systems that use different technologies to reduce noise levels on busy railway lines and, in turn, minimise the impact on residents.

Digital Solutions from ContiTech for the Mobility of Tomorrow

Digitalization is a pioneering trend, and not just for the passenger car industry. It is playing an increasingly important role in the development of new transportation concepts in the rail vehicle industry as well. "Digitalisation can make rail-bound mobility even more attractive and cost-effective for operators and passengers," says Olaf Philipp, head of rail business at ContiTech Air Spring Systems. "We can imagine that, with the right technology, accelerations and movements within the air spring can be measured, digitally recorded, and made available to the customer."

ContiTech Products Enhance Safety in Railway Transport

Whether in the bogie of the locomotives or carriages, in heating or air-conditioning systems, or in the interior trim, ContiTech develops solutions that not only are durable and robust but also ensure maximum safety through compliance with specifications, such as European fire protection standard EN 45545.

ContiTech Further Expands Its Railway Business

The industry partner ContiTech, part of the global technology company Continental, has acquired Sydney-based Australian railway engineering specialist Vulcanite, thereby strengthening its business outside the automotive industry.

ContiTech Technologies Reduce Noise in Rail Transport

Deutsche Bahn plans to fit 50% of its freight car fleet with what is known as a 'whisper brake' by the end of the year. But it is not just braking that generates noise, the wheels of rail vehicles are also susceptible to vibrations.

Olaf Philipp Takes Charge at ContiTech Railway Engineering

There has been a staff change at ContiTech Air Spring Systems: Olaf Philipp has assumed management of the ContiTech Railway Engineering segment and will run the rail vehicle business with air springs and metal-rubber parts worldwide.

APTA Expo: ContiTech Presents Long-Lasting Advanced Technology

From spring systems and bellows materials for rail vehicles to hoses for rail operation: ContiTech is an experienced partner to the rail vehicle industry, offering innovative rubber and plastic products that meet the highest standards.

Eurasia Rail: ContiTech Impresses With Air Spring

Whether it's in the cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir or for nationwide long-distance travel, the rail network in Turkey is constantly expanding. In this growing market, ContiTech presents itself as a supplier of air spring systems in the primary and secondary spring area, at the Eurasia Rail in Istanbul (hall 9, booth 9D10-03) from 6 to 8 March.

IREE: ContiTech Presents Innovative Spring Systems for the Rail Industry

ContiTech Railway Engineering will be at the International Railway Equipment Exhibition 2013 (IREE) in New Delhi, India from 3-5 October. The manufacturer of spring systems for rail vehicles is exhibiting in hall 9, booth G2. ContiTech Railway Engineering's presentation will focus on ultramodern air spring systems for secondary suspension and spring systems for primary suspension.

ContiTech Presents Unique Complete Suspension Kits

A broad product portfolio that leaves nothing to be desired: At TRAKO, visitors can see for themselves the great diversity in suspension products offered by ContiTech Railway Engineering.

Rail+Metro China: ContiTech Original Air Springs Guarantee Safe Rail Travel

From June 4 to 6, ContiTech Air Spring Systems is exhibiting at Rail+Metro China in Shanghai. The one-stop supplier for air spring systems in the field of primary and secondary suspension is putting the themes Service and Safety on center stage at the trade show in Hall E7, Booth S180.

ContiTech at Eurasia Rail in Istanbul

From 7 to 10 March 2013, ContiTech Air Spring Systems is exhibiting at Eurasia Rail in Istanbul, Turkey. The one-stop supplier for air spring systems in the field of primary and secondary suspension is putting the themes Service and Safety on center stage at the trade show in Hall 9, Booth 9D18-02.

ContiTech Puts Emphasis on Safety and Worldwide Service

Service and safety will be the focus of ContiTechs display at the InnoTrans 2012 (18 - 21 September). The company will showcase its high quality and durable air spring products, under the motto "best in service and safety", as well as its extensive range of services, ensuring that replacement parts and technical support are available anywhere in the world at short notice.

ContiTech Exhibits State-of-the-Art Suspension Systems at the Rail + Metro China

From 30 May to 1 June, ContiTech is exhibiting at the Rail + Metro fair in Shanghai, China. The systems manufacturer of suspension systems for rail vehicles will be exhibiting at booth MA049 in hall N1. Primarily state-of-the-art suspension systems for primary and secondary suspension, as well as MEGI brand hydro springs, conical springs and buffers will be on exhibit there.

ContiTech Achieves Best Sales Performance in the Company’s History

Even in these turbulent times marked by the financial and Euro crisis, ContiTech AG, one of Continental AG's five divisions, has remained on course for success. The Hanover-based technology company generated sales of €3.6bn in the past fiscal year, thereby posting a considerable increase of 16%.

Metro China: ContiTech Ensures Maximum Ride Comfort in Rail Transport

From November 1 to 4, ContiTech Railway Engineering will be showcasing its products at Metro China in Beijing, China. The manufacturer of suspension systems for rail vehicles will be exhibiting at booth A155 in hall 1. ContiTech Railway Engineering's presentation will focus on ultramodern air spring systems for primary and secondary suspension. MEGI®-brand hydro springs, conical springs and buffers will also be on display.

ContiTech is Safely on Track with Rail Know-How at InnoTrans 2010

At InnoTrans 2010, the international trade show for rail transport technology in Berlin, ContiTech will be focusing on safe products and systems for rail vehicles. New technological developments at ContiTech Air Spring Systems and worldwide service make a major contribution to rendering

Football Fans Travel to World Cup Stadiums on ContiTech Air Spring Systems

ContiTech Air Spring Systems, Hanover, has equipped all 96 vehicles of the new Gautrain in South Africa with air spring systems. The systems ensure that the football fans have a safe and comfortable journey to the World Cup matches. The train was developed by Bombardier Transportation, the world'

ContiTech Supplies Air Spring Systems to Shanghai Metro

Preparations for the 2010 World Expo have been keeping Shanghai working tirelessly now for over seven years. A gigantic project of the 20-million megacity is the extension of its metro system. ContiTech Railway Engineering, a segment of ContiTech's air spring operations, is also involved in the p

ContiTech Equips 50 New High-Speed Trains in China

ContiTech is strengthening its position in China's railway engineering sector. The Hanover, Germany-based company will supply air spring systems for 50 of the new China Railways CRH1 high-speed trains. The delivery agreement was just signed in the new ContiTech plant in Changshu, China.

ContiTech Contributes to “Quiet Train” Research Project with GIGABOX

GIGABOX provides freight cars with greater running smoothness and lower maintenance costs, noise reduction of up to 3dB(A), and is suitable for Y25 bogeys. In the framework of the federally-supported "quiet traffic" research association, ContiTech Air Spring Systems is participating in

ContiTech Testing Technology Simulates the Cold of Siberia

High-speed trains must provide top comfort, even in Siberian winters. As market leader and globally active equipment manufacturer for high-speed trains, such as the ICE 3, ContiTech provides for excellent suspension comfort, even at -50°C. The elastomer specialist has developed an exceptionally c

ContiTech in India: Air Spring Production is Going Local

The share of the rail vehicle market has increased by 50% since 1994, and manufacturing operations are due to expand significantly by 2013. In order to meet growing requirements in India for air spring systems, including those for rail vehicles, ContiTech is planning to produce air spr

ContiTech Receives the IRIS Certificate

At Hanover in May 2008 ContiTech Air Spring Systems received a quality certificate according to the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) from the international railway industry. ContiTech is one of the pioneers of quality management in the railway supplies industry. IRIS certification w

Modern ContiTech Air Springs for Indian Rail Cars

Together with its Indian partner, Resistoflex Dynamics (Pvt.) Ltd., Noida, ContiTech, the world's market leader in primary and secondary suspension components for rail vehicles, supports the Indian rail industry with innovative suspension concepts. ContiTech has agreed upon a major

On Track Throughout the World

ContiTech AG (hall 1.2 booth 218) is the world's largest specialist in rubber and plastics technology in the non-tire rubber sector - as well as being an established system supplier for rail transportation technology. Experts at the ContiTech Railway Engineering (CRE) segment of Co

New Order from India

ContiTech Air Spring Systems has been awarded a special order from India, the country with the world's most extensive interconnected rail system. In Bombay, the city with the highest passenger density of any urban railway system in the world, the local trains are currently being moderni

ContiTech Presents the GIGABOX

At this year's Innotrans (September 19 - 22, 2006), ContiTech Air Spring Systems is presenting the GIGABOX, a unique system for rail freight cars. The system, which consists of a wheelset bearing and a hydraulic spring, was recently nominated for the HERMES AWARD. This places the bearing susp

The Gigabox – 1 Million Kilometers Maintenance-Free

Long maintenance intervals, running smoothness and light weight are the main challenges faced by components for the rail cargo transport. All of these properties have been integrated in a new type of system consisting of wheel set bearings and hydraulic spring, developed in close cooperation betw

Air Spring Systems Expanded with New Sensor

A contactless functioning height and pressure sensor that has been integrated into the air spring is being showcased by ContiTech Air Spring Systems at the InnoTrans in Berlin (hall 1.2, booth 136). Air suspension is becoming ever-more common as secondary suspension on modern passenge

Translucent Concertina Wall for Streetcars

ContiTech Elastomer-Beschichtungen GmbH, Northeim, is launching its transparent concertina-wall module for the rail industry. A design that has proved itself in buses has now been adapted for streetcars. A miniature model of the textile interface that will soon be in service as a flexible link in

Development for Rail Vehicle Manufacturer Bombardier

Any successful cooperation needs a regular exchange of knowledge and ongoing dialogue to arrive at optimum solutions. An example of this is the project for the French state railway SNCF. ContiTech supplies air spring systems in cooperation with the WeP (value-added partner) Paul B

High-Tech Coupling Mount

A high-tech component made by ContiTech Air Spring Systems ensures safety and riding comfort in the TGV Duplex double-decker high-speed trains operated in France and in the TGV Korea non-double-decker adaptation of these trains. The so-called coupling mount, a cone-shaped articulatio

“On Track Worldwide…

ContiTech at InnoTrans 2002 in Berlin "On track worldwide... ...with the right suspension concepts!" This is the motto under which ContiTech is presenting itself as international development partner for future-oriented rail transportation technology at InnoTrans 2002 in Berlin


Philipsbornstraße 1

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