Zetica Commissioned to Carry Out RASC Surveys in Australia and USA

Zetica Rail has won contracts to carry out railway asset scanning car (RASC) surveys in Australia and the USA in 2012. The RASC is a multi-sensor hy-rail vehicle-based inspection system, comprising one or more of the following capabilities:

  • Rail radar (GPR)
  • Track geometry
  • Gauge face rail wear
  • Laser profiling – ballast volume and structure clearances
  • Video inspection

Zetica can fit the systems to client vehicles and will run the surveys with just a single track occupation and provide integrated results as part of the service. The systems are also available to purchase if required.

Asger Eriksen CEO of Zetica Rail says: "Given the fact that only a small percent of the condition of trackbed assets can be monitored by visual inspections and very often subsurface problems go unnoticed, the RASC offers a much more holistic assessment for the same time on track required to carry out a visual inspection. The combination of GPR, track geometry, laser profiling and video, combined in a unique maintenance planning tool, offers the following practical benefits:

  • Reduced risk of derailment
  • Objective prioritisation of maintenance
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Optimised asset life
  • Maintenance of a comprehensive above and below-ground asset register
  • Understanding of the root cause of track geometry faults"

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